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Tea Time with Luxy: Dating Advice

Why is it that always it’s the single people that give the best dating advice? Do you, by any chance, give fantastic dating advice to all of your enamoured friends? How do they manage to work and be dating at the same time anyhow?!

Lucky you! Here at Luxy we put our heads together and we are creating this one-stop place for you to find all the best dating advice that you will need to find your soulmate.

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Why listen to us? Here at Luxy we have been listening to your needs, your questins and troubles since 2014. Our blog is a reflection of the dating experience we have accumulated. In fact, our blog (which provides you with dating advice) has been ranked among the top 25 out Top 100 Dating Blogs & Websites To Follow for Dating Advice in 2019’. Now that tells you something…..

There are a few stages to consider with our dating advice, so let’s break it down together:

'Pre-relationship' dating advice: Get ready to put yourself out there.

“You’ve got to get out there” – is perhaps a common dating advice you receive from everybody around you. Not all that simple though, is it? Often times you are busy, your work gets in the way, you have errands to run, you’ve got to do your laundry and cook (if you are into healthy living anyway) ….

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In this scenario it is understandable that people use their work as a scape goat when they are complaining about being single still.  No worries, our team has put together some dating tips and advice on dating while working on your career. Read about it in our Silicon Valley Dating advice for the super busy and high-flying workaholics.

Still too busy to go out and date?

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Why not try to do something different in the second half 2019? Many dating experts have advised for busy people to try out something new in 2019. Try online dating – making this change has not been easier, ever.  With a large database of online dating platforms, you really have all the opportunities to meet your beu. For your convenience, Luxy has compiled a review of the Top 4 Millionaire Dating Sites for this year, to make it easy for you to choose!

This year brings more change with it, and in case you need to brush up on your knowledge of dating rules, we have created a couple pieces where we offer the top dating advice for 2019. Remember to check out our dating advice in Part 1 and Part 2 of Dating Rules for 2019 before you do begin dating seriously. These dating tips have the potential to save you a lot of time – particularly if you don’t have a lot of it to begin with.

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We hear you, but how do you attract the perfect partner? There are many things you should consider – from creating the perfect dating website profile, to composing the first text and just navigating the dating world generally. For men, we share some of our secrets and dating advice in our guide to Attracting Women (short on time? Then definitely check out at least this one – the Only Advice You Will Need in our dating advice for men).

Ladies, stay tuned for more dating advice tips on how to attract and make him fall in love with you! I will be putting together something special for you soon. In the meantime, if this is your cup of tea (*wink, wink*), check out our Zodiac guide to finding a lasting connection based on your and his zodiac.


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At this stage you are ready to sign up for – drum roll please – online dating! Why I recommend Luxy? Luxy is a great community of high-value individuals who are guaranteed to share similar values to yours. Signing up is easy, and while the whole process of actually getting to use the app might take some time, it has been proven to be worth it. All members are individually approved. How does it work you ask? Click to read more in our article dedicated to our Luxy dating app.

After you decided on your chosen platform, it is time to work on your profile. Creating a visually appealing and intellectually stimulating profile is crucial in the online dating world. There are honestly so many people using dating platforms that our dating advice might seem obvious; you will want to stand out.  

Dating advice to start off on the right foot.


The process of finding your significant other can be long and tedious.  Please do keep this in mind as you move forward. It can keep you away from giving up on it. Know that no matter how many dates you’ve gone through, it is not wasted time. There will be a person for you, you just must look. Besides, you can never have enough practice of speaking with people, making conversation, trying out different outfits, etc. It will all work out in your favor at the end of the day, don’t worry.

Getting ready for your first date? How exciting! But also, very stressful, I know. Our first date advice is here to help you get through it as smoothly as possible. You can find out simple steps that you can take in order to make the most out of it, how to make it as least as possible. Plus, the amazing dating advice of the leading dating expert Matthew Hussey has inspired it – a.k.a. it is WORTH checking out. Maybe you want a second date? We got you covered. Follow this simple dating advice to get yourself the second and third date -> First Date Tips that will guarantee a second one!

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Once you know that you like someone, things get a bit more complicated. We’ve all been there, on a date with this really great person, we find them funny, they’re incredibly clever, good style… They simply tick all of our boxes. But, ‘does he like me?’ ‘Does she want to see me again?’ Find out here in our simple guide to find out if your date likes you back!

Ready to go on a date but not matching with the right partners? Luxy can certainly help – learn the tips and tricks of the Luxy dating world!

With these dating tips…

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Now, you are ready to go and “get yourself out there”. Ultimately, you will know when the right time is for you, to start meeting people. Whenever that might be, please remember that you are not the same as you friends or anybody out there on the internet. Take your time when trying to meet men and women online and make sure that when you do go and meet them, it is right and safe. Your wellbeing is the most important item on the agenda.

With all that being said, let us know how you find it dating on Luxy! We love reading your stories and your feedback!

Go out there and have fun!

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