Matchmaker for Millionaires: The Top 4 Millionaire Dating Sites of 2019

Are you an ambitious, single millionaire finding it hard to find love in today’s society?

With almost 8,000 global dating sites, it can be daunting and baffling trying to identify an app and to then navigate your way around them to  find a matchmaker for millionaires. 

Fortunately, we have taken the time and composed a list of the Top 4 Millionaire Matchmaker – Millionaire Dating Sites, to help narrow down your searches and to assist you in making the best choice for you!

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These four platforms have been given a brief review alongside a simple and clear overall rating out of five.



4. Meet

One of the Leading Millionaire Dating sites, focusing on Relationships

Click here for their site.

What’s Good?

This is a matchmaker for millionaires platform, specifically for people looking for a /baby relationship, which has been around for over ten years.

It is a reliable and safe platform, operating in the top 20 richest countries, creating a robust user base.

It is easy to search through the users on the platform through the numerous filters available, to suit your preferences, making this an easy to use matchmaker for millionaires!

What’s Not So Good?

If you find apps more convenient to use, Meet is not going to be a great choice for that. The number of features are limited compared to the website and it is more expensive to upgrade on the app compared to the website and other millionaire dating sites.

The distribution of the users on the app is not even. There are much more females – , than males – . This could make it more difficult to find a great match, questioning the effectiveness of this being a good matchmaker for millionaires.

It is also expensive, if you are a baby looking for a , you may have a smaller budget. The price ranges from $50-$144.

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Users: 2,301,511+

Overall Rating: 3/5



3. Millionaire Match

The world’s first millionaire dating site since 2001.
Click here for their site.

What’s Good?

One of the many used millionaire dating sites. Specifically targeted at rich single men and women.

The website has been active for 18 years and have earned themselves a fairly good reputation and amount of publicity.

Appears to have a positive legitimacy due to the verification process, they have hundreds of success stories and reviews posted on their website as well as being featured in credible websites, displaying evidence of being a great matchmaker for millionaires.

What’s Not So Good?

Their app has a lot of bugs, their user interface is adequate. Their website has outdated aesthetics that could be improved, as well as the features of both their website and app.

You cannot start conversations with others within the free version, you can only reply to messages received. There are other millionaire dating sites, which allows you to easily do this for free.

Membership is expensive compared to others, ranging from $40-$70 per month.

Users: 4,092,900+

Overall Rating: 3/5



2. Elite Singles

Serious online millionaire dating.
Click here for their site.

What’s Good?

Elite Singles is one of the millionaire dating sites, which has intellectual and wealthy individuals.

This matchmaker for millionaires promises to deliver quality and suitable matches, discovered and generated through the results of an in-depth personality survey taken by the user.

Their user base has an equal gender population, increasing your chances of securing a millionaire match.

The site and app is well-designed with an appropriate use of colours and designs. It is also user friendly and simple to navigate through.

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What’s Not So Good?

There is limited access to a range of features without a paid membership, such as, not being able to read messages or send and reply to messages.

The price is not excessive, but it is not cheap either, ranging from $19.95-$37.95 per month.

Users: 5,000,000+

Overall Rating: 4/5



1. Luxy

The best elite and exclusive matchmaker for millionaires site/app.
Click here for their website.

What’s Good?

Security is one of Luxy’s most important aspects, which is what makes it stand out from other millionaire dating sites. A strict verification process is in place to ensure all users are legit, this ensures that a completely safe and reliable matchmaker for millionaires platform is created.

Luxy guarantees that all of their members are verified and are consistently regulated through filtering out inappropriate or fraudulent users to ensure there are completely pure members to match with, which saves your own time from being matched or swiping through time wasters. This displays an excellent and effective matchmaker for millionaires.

The app and website is extremely aesthetic, user friendly and is very easy to navigate your way around both platforms.

There are a lot of useful features to use with a free account such as searching, sorting results, sending single roses and sending unlimited messages to matches.
However, your Luxy experience can be taken a few steps further to help you find your perfect match quicker. This can be done so through purchasing Luxy ‘BLACK’ or ‘coins’, where you would have access to features such as, the freedom to message anybody, ability to ‘boost’ your profile to be seen by many more users, and so much more! More about this can be found here. 

What’s Not So Good?

The only negatives about Luxy as a matchmaker for millionaires, would be that you can only match with other users who are nearby, so the matches would be based on your location. If you were located in a remote area, this may not be a great matchmaker for millionaires platform for you, due to its niche background resulting in a limitation of users.
This can be fixed however, by purchasing Luxy BLACK where you are free to search for matches in any destination.

The price of Luxy BLACK and the purchase of coins are on the higher end.

Luxy BLACK: $58.99-$99.99

Users: 2,000,000+

Luxy millionaire dating

The smaller user base, compared to the others, displays the vigorous verification that takes place to ensure complete legitimacy amongst the users. This ensures that your time will not be wasted and you are more likely to find what you are looking for – an impressive and ample matchmaker for millionaires.
Overall Rating: 4.9/5

Our Winner: Luxy!
Luxy was our clear winner in being the most effective matchmaker for millionaires, compared to all of the other millionaire dating sites currently on the market. We strongly recommend that you give Luxy a go if you are looking for a reliable matchmaker for millionaires!

Luxy - Date The Best Only

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