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How To Attract Women: 5 Secrets To Attract Women + BONUS

To put it frankly; women can be pretty complex. ‘How to attract women’ is not necessarily an easy question to answer, as you surely know by now. From communication to miscommunication, keep reading to find out the 5 secret traits to attract successful women, as revealed by women.

The following are just some secrets to consider when trying to attract women even before you ask for a second date. Read more about our advice for ‘how to attract women’ in Dating Advice For Men on our blog.

1. Confidence

how to attract women

Have you ever asked the question “how to attract women” and been told to simply be confident? Well, there is something about it. Now I know you hear this thrown around all over the place, but it genuinely is important that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and in every situation.

Be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance, however. There is a big difference, and arrogance is going to answer not the ‘how to attract women’ question, but rather the ‘how NOT to attract women’. Confidence comes from being happy and satisfied with what you do, and seeing purpose in it, so make sure to review your current situation. 

Remember: no matter your physique, or your income, or your profession – once you can come across as confident and happy with yourself, you will win over any woman and there will no longer be the need to search for ‘how to attract women’.

2. Aspirations

how to attract women

How to attract women that are successful?

Successful women are often successful because they learn, and they never stop. A person who never stops learning, never stops growing. So, if she wants to better herself, you should too.

Show her you have goals, you have a clear purpose and that you are not just aimlessly wandering around the planet, hoping something will happen. Having aspirations means taking control of your life, making good decisions for yourself and being consistent. All these qualities are highly valued by women and are guaranteed to give you an aura of irresistible appeal. Your goals don’t need to be goals to conquer the world, all you need is a purpose and a direction. Having life somewhat figured out is a sign of a mature man (more on why that is important below).

how to attract women

Also, very important – don’t be big headed. Think you know everything? Think again. Women will find you even more attractive if you can show them that you are imperfect AND that you are working hard to change that. Practical tips: do this by listening to audio books, podcasts, watching interesting videos – it doesn’t need to mean reading for hours and hours like Warren Buffet.

3. Selflessness

Be selfless and don’t be afraid to show her that you care but don’t be a door mat! Of course, it is important to keep your lady’s needs and values at the forefront, however there is a big difference between being you and sacrificing some time to show you care and being a door mat and let a woman walk all over you! Sometimes to attract a woman you will have to stand your ground – just remember to be sensitive and understanding about it.

how to attract women

4. Maturity

This is a big one. A successful woman doesn’t need a ‘keychain-man’ to hang onto her and to take care of. She wants a man. Maturity means being independent, understanding that sometimes she will need to be alone. It means things like being reliable, finishing what you started (from little things to bigger ones), how you handle arguments, having good manners, being emotionally mature, witty (everyone likes a good laugh), and communicating.

5. Appearance

This one is very important also, if you want to know how to attract women easily. When talking about appearance, I do not mean your physical build, or how ‘handsome’ you or others consider you to be. Some celebrities have proven that your face does not exactly mean your ‘sex appeal’. Simply put, you do not need to possess the godliest of looks to attract women. Sure, it is paramount to take control of the things you can change, like grooming, hygiene, fragrance (CRUCIAL) and your style – there is nothing more attractive than a man who is well dressed and feels confident in what he wears.

how to attract women

BONUS secret for how to attract women:


Knowing how to attract women might seem like a near-impossible task (sometimes we don’t know either). On top of the tips above, knowing how to fix things will get you brownie points with any woman. The point of this isn’t necessarily to know how to fix every single thing. At least not by yourself. Showing that you know how to handle any situation, be it by having the skills or that you know other people who will know how to fix this, will make you irresistibly attractive. It portrays you as someone who knows how to communicate, ask for help (which is never something to frown upon), delegate tasks, network, trusts people and has people’s trust.

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Ultimately there is not one step you can take to suddenly know how to attract women. Before trying to attract any women, make sure to work on yourself, present your best self and do not just impress on the first date. Essentially, that is what most women seek – those that are looking for a serious relationship at least – a man who can continuously impress them with things that really matter. Make sure you tick off as many of the above as possible, most of them really go a long way. And despite sounding cliché, be yourself. You want her to be attracted to YOU, not someone who you pretend to be for her – careful because women can sense that. 


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