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Ten Top Tips to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

There is no doubt about it; a long-distance relationship can be hard work. In this age of social media and instant messaging, maintaining a long-distance relationship should be easier than ever.


BUT, the distance makes things more complicated and can make you feel lonely or give you doubts that the distance will make the relationship fade.


However, It is commonly said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. A long-distance relationship makes the small things seem so much more important and can make you appreciate each other a whole lot more. To keep the love between you and your partner alive, here are ten top tips to make your long-distance relationship successful:


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1.Discuss your expectations


Set some ground rules. You both need to be clear with what you expect of each other. Discuss your expectations in advance so that you are both aware of and happy with each other’s expectations.


2.Make time for each other


Sync your schedules and prioritize well. Different time zones and work schedules can put a large strain on couples when it comes to communicating. Make sure you are always up to date with what your plans are and create a pattern that you can both stick to and is mutually satisfying.


3.Talk often


Be consistent with communication. Daily ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ messages are important to let your partner know that you’re always thinking about them. Schedule ‘phone dates’ and make time to video call each other and catch up on your days.


4.Be open and honest about your emotions


Small obstacles can become mountains when you’re apart. Have conversations constantly and talk about what is on your mind. No matter how big or small, you can get through it together.

5.Prioritize yourself


Long-distance relationships require some level of compromise and sacrifice. However, it is important not to lose yourself by sacrificing more than what is necessary to make the relationship work. It is important to prioritize yourself and your own needs during this period of separation. Take time to do things that you enjoy and make the most out of your current situation.


6.Give each other space when needed


Compromise is key to finding a balance where you are both happy. Sometimes talking 24/7 is difficult and unplanned things might come in the way. This is not necessarily a negative thing so try not to over think when you can’t stick to your schedule. To ensure that small issues will not arise, it is important to give each other space when it is needed.


7.Be patient


If you are going through a hard time and the only person you want to be with is the only person you can’t, the relationship will take its toll on you. You need to be patient with each other and stay positive. One way of doing this is to constantly remind yourself of the ways that being apart will benefit your relationship and make you appreciate each other more.




The most important factor in every relationship is trust. To make a long-distance relationship work you need to seriously trust your partner. Scrutinizing their every action and constantly questioning each other will make things worse.


9.Find other ways to feel connected


Doing things together will make you feel connected even when you are miles apart. Read the same book. Watch a movie at the same time. Start a new Netflix series together. These little things will keep the relationship exciting and make you feel closer.


10.Never give up


Of course long-distance relationship problems exist. At times you might feel like the world is against you and want to give up. But just remember that the next time you get to hold your partner will make it all worth it.


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