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Relationship Goals

Dating apps, Kim Kardashian and AI?

Fast social media, technology and influencers like Kim Kardashian have transformed our view of dating.


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Technology has transformed the way we meet people and date. From the early days of the internet when chatrooms were rife. To today where the swiping culture made famous by Tinder dominates our fast dating culture.

There too are the influencers of now, like Kim Kardashian and her family who have a large global following. Did you know, Kim Kardashian has over 120 Million followers on Instagram! Then just look at Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner, who is now the world’s richest person under 30!

So, when the Kardashians constantly show off their ever-changing dating partners. This will then have a huge impact on society. It’s almost become the new ‘in’ lifestyle choice to have this many dating partners.


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Youth and Dating Today

The effect can be seen most notably in today’s youth. Instead of building up courage to ask someone out or asking for their phone number. Kids today are DMing each other on Instagram to flirt and arrange a date.

The youth are almost using their social accounts as a glorified dating profile where looks matter most and personality takes a back seat.


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Fast Dating Apps

This fast dating culture, where there is a perceived endless amount of options results in everyone being dispensable. Therefore the focus becomes on short-term relationships. There is always the thought that someone else is just a swipe or message away.

This is just like fast fashion where we constantly want the latest clothes, with disregard for the mountains of waste created (Check this BBC article for more info!).

Few of us want to put the effort in to figure out how to wear the same pieces year after year and nor do we want to take the effort to truly woo someone, when we can quickly meet lots of people for less effort.


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Technology and Dating

Humans constantly are looking for new ways to do things and as a result technology hasn’t stopped with just fast dating and quick swipes. Now AI and professionals are hacking dating.

Did you know you could have been talking to a robot the whole time?

There is a service called ViDA (Virtual Dating Assistant) where professionals take over all the small talk on apps to secure you the date without you even lifting a finger! The professionals get a commission for every date they secure you without the other party ever finding out. But it isn’t illogical to think soon this will all be done by Artificial Intelligence…

Maybe the first time the match speaks to a real person will be on that first date!?



Artificial Intelligence and Dating Apps

On the other hand, maybe the AI will know us better than we know ourselves. The technology could search our social profiles to build up a picture we may not know about ourselves. By doing such an extensive search of us match maybe the AI could pick us a better date than we could have imagined!

Who knows what the future holds for dating.

Maybe we’ll all be wearing headsets dating virtually from our bedrooms. Or maybe Kim Kardashian will promote a new app and we’ll all be addicted to dating based on the clothes (or lack of) we like to wear.

Technology is random and not always for the better so who really knows what impact it will have on the future of the matchmaking rat race.



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