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10 Dating Rules You Need To Find Love In 2019! Part 2

Ready to find out more dating rules to maximise your dating potential in 2019?

After you have reviewed our first 5 dating rules above, we are ready to dive right in to our next dating guidelines:

dating rules

Dating Rule No. 6 - Each date is a lesson

Learn to appreciate each opportunity with this dating rule.

So, you have been on 10 different dates but none of them was a good fit? Are you thinking of giving up because it is pointless? Well, let me tell you this; even if the first 50 dates don’t turn out to be husband/ wife materials, remember that no time is ever wasted, as long as you are able to take something from it.

dating rules

Every time you manage to talk to another person, every time you attempt to flirt with someone from across the bar take note of what you do and how you do it, and what the reaction is. In this way, you are able to keep on top of your flirting/conversation skills and do it better the next time. Actually, the only way to flirt better and to be more confident when approaching people and making conversation is to do it over and over and over again.

The only dating advice here is: have fun with it!

Appreciate every opportunity to hone in on your dating skills.

dating rules

Dating Rule No. 7 - Maybe that is NOT your type

One of the most common dating rules out there is that you should outline the exact qualities and traits you look for in your other half and stick to them ruthlessly when on dates. In reality, however, it does not work like that. That is a sure way to feel lonelier than ever, it makes you feel more and more desperate as you realise that there is not one single person who would fulfil all of your expectations. Then, you end up feeling like dating is just not for you.

dating rules

When dating in 2019, you will want to keep your horizons wide open. Don’t judge people too soon. Try looking beyond your ‘perfect’ type and try to explore parts of you with people you would not think to go on a date with on a normal day. This can be a fun way to even make friends, try new things and will make you more experienced when being around potential partners. Skills like that are not to be frowned upon!

Dating Rule No. 8 - Do you know what you want?

Bearing the previous dating rule in mind, you should still have a rough plan of what you want to achieve with dating. Many people find it helpful to know what their long-term goal is, and it helps them to narrow down their short-term goals, so it might be something to consider. You can even go as far as to make a pros and cons list to map out what kind of partner you are looking for.

Remember – nobody is perfect so be reasonable. Be willing to compromise a little bit, however make sure that you are always comfortable with what you are doing and who you are meeting. Make sure to always stay safe. To help you with this dating rule, you can also try to create your own relationship goals. Here at Luxy we are always happy to help you, so here you can find our take on why set relationship goals along with a planner to get going with your goals.  

Dating Rule No. 9 - Be more open

dating rules

In today’s day and age, being open, willing to learn and try new things is just as important as having an Instagram account. Okay, maybe Instagram account is not the most important thing in your life but trying new things should be.

Are you the person who rolls their eyes when online dating is mentioned? Yet you struggle with meeting new people in real life – be it because you are busy at work, busy with your family and friends, or just somehow every man or women in your life is just magically already taken?

Well there is only this dating advice I have in store for you – try online dating!

Emotional wellness expert and the creator of ‘The Kindness Journal’, Dr. Natasha Sharma predicted that in 2019 people will generally be more willing to try alternative ways of meeting people. Now, we are half through 2019 and you have not yet signed up to an online dating platform? What are you doing? Hurry up and click here to apply to be a Luxy member and meet the man or woman of your dreams (or just men and/or women generally!).

Not sure how Luxy works? Here you can find out more!

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Dating Rule No. 10 - Attitude is key!

There is no one successful person or a personal coach that will tell you otherwise. How you behave, act and react to situations around you determines how those situations pan out. Situations turn into days, days into weeks and so on, and soon you either end up achieving your goals or not. In dating, it is no different.

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Dating is not easy. It is hard, yes, but you cannot dwell on that one date that didn’t go well, or that one person who didn’t even give you a chance.

Setting goals, keeping a journal/ planner to hold yourself accountable for fulfilling (or not) your plans can help you keep a positive outlook.  The phrase ‘love yourself’ possibly lost its weight today, but there is no other way to express it. If you love your life, and express appreciation even for being single, this will send out positive vibes into your surroundings.

Example: if you are happily single in the bar, with only 2 of your girlfriends and a man sees you enjoying yourself, he will feel immediately much more attracted to you rather than seeing you nervously sitting in a corner smiling at every single guy that passes you, with your hair a mess, a body out of shape, stressed with bags from lack of sleep under your eyes. Even if this is you at the moment, don’t worry!

dating rules

Final Notes...

Be single and be happy. Start meeting people immediately and build connections with them. Connections will lead to networks and networks will lead to more opportunities to meet decent, eligible singles!

dating rules

Simply keep trying, don’t give up. An easy way to get started is through Luxy – all you have to do is complete your profile, pass the verification process and off you go!

Dating rules are always confusing. Mainly because no two people are the same, so no two dating experiences will be the same. When taking on any dating rules make sure they fit in with your values and don’t be shy to adjust them, so they suit you!

dating rules

There you have it! 10 simple dating rules which are sure to help you get the right partner for you in 2019. Alongside these dating guidelines, you can also check out our tips for dating online in 2019.

Make sure to let us know if you have any questions regarding dating rules, and as always, feel free to browse our blog for more information about us!

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