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Relationship Goals Or No Relationship Goals? 5 Reasons Why + FREE GIFT

Cute picture on Instagram, hashtag relationship goals: check. Red roses: check. Matching Christmas sweaters, hashtag couple goals: check. Love quotes under each other’s photos: check. Hashtag goals.

So, you followed the Internet’s relationship goals advice, and nothing happened?

happy couple have the same Relationship Goals

Setting goals is strictly for personal development, professional careers, team work and places of business. It should not enter into relationship advice. Wrong. We set goals left and right whether we realise it or not, it’s just that when we set goals in our private personal lives, it is typically more deliberate and conscious. So, if we set goals in our personal lives, why not in our love lives?

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, right? We enjoy the process of something, rather than the end goal. That proves true with relationships also. So, why set relationship goals? Because these relationship goals allow us to not only plan the process, but to plan a course of our relationships which we will ultimately enjoy. If nothing comes to mind, check out Our Top 5 Relationship Goals To Stay In Love for some inspiration!

Relationship goals

Let’s have a look then, at why our relationship advice is to set these couple goals in the first place.

1. Know What You Want

Setting any goals is not simple, not to mention relationship goals. It is a lot of work. You should sit down to really think about what you want from a relationship. What kind of a relationship you would like?What kind of partner are you looking for and what kind of couple do you want to be? Also consider what time frame are you looking at?

Remember, you are planning your future here. Making these couple goals attainable and realistic is key. Keeping to this ‘criteria’ will make it easier to stick to the goals and not settle for any less.

Relationship goals

2. Don’t Waste Your Time

According to, in 2018 there were around 8,000 dating sites in the World and almost 50 million people in the US alone have engaged in online dating. Now, call me crazy but that is a lot. Knowing your relationship goals and values is likely the best relationship advice that you will receive. It lets you prevent potentially disastrous, mismatched dates and relationships (also saving you some cash).

Having relationship goals essentially acts as another filter.  Only the very best partners should get through it, the ones that truly share your values and ideas about life, romance, family. Basically, by putting in the work now, you will save yourself a lot of time, awkward dates, wasted evenings and empty conversations.

Relationship goals

3. Find The Right Fit

There are many criteria that the perfect partner should tick in order for a relationship to emerge, right? Thanks to our Luxy services, you don’t have to worry about the general ones like interests and appearance – we already filter that for you. All you do, is spell out your relationship goals.

Once you know what values you are looking for and you hand-picked your perfect match, these couple goals will then pave the way to stimulating and meaningful conversations about what matters to you (and hopefully to your partner too).

Perhaps you are very career-oriented and that is the quality you absolutely require from your partner. Great! Now that you know that, you know that someone who is actively climbing the corporate ladder will be a good fit for you. You are both likely to have similar approaches to career; similar values when it comes to professionalism; similar attitudes towards holidays. Once you know this, you will be able to find out if – as two individuals – you would work well together as a couple. Deciding on when to take holidays, where to go for dinner, what to do at the weekend has just become much more effortless!

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4. Know Your Partner Much, Much Better

Let’s suppose you are already in a relationship. You might think you don’t need any relationship advice. You might think you already are the ‘couple goals’ everyone is talking about. Of course, you should exercise your personal judgement, but it is likely that there is something to improve, or something more to know.

Yes, that is correct. Talking about the relationship, couple goals, life goals, career, values or plans and dreams – all that can help you find out more about the love of your life. You will also find it helpful when assessing your own relationship goals, which can indeed change over the course of your relationship.

On top of that, these conversations will almost definitely introduce another level of communication and understanding in your relationship. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it.

Relationship goals

5. Are You Happy?

Setting clear relationship goals will let you evaluate your relationship at every stage. You will be the one in charge of your happiness and you will be the first one to know if something does not work as you want. Problems are common, and problems are good.

You might have heard that relationships are a lot of work, and that is true. But problems do not mean an end. They are an opportunity for development and deepening of your relationship. Remember, communication and resolution. By now you have enough practice talking about what is important to you and what is important to your partner, just from talking through your expectations of your relationships.

At the end of the day, you want to be happy. Your couple goals will keep you accountable in the process of finding happiness, because you will always be able to take action if something goes wrong.

Relationship goals

It has been proven time after time that happiness comes from the feeling of fulfilment, which in turn comes from achieving our (relationship) goals. Soon after you start your couple goals journey, you will find out how rewarding it truly is. You will not only find a new way to fulfil your and your partner’s romantic expectations, but also achieve overall satisfaction in your life – and nothing can beat that.

Another perk of planning and keeping track of your relationship goals is that you get a reward as well! A fancy dinner? Maybe a relaxing spa weekend? Or why not a luxurious getaway? The best part – you choose!

Relationship goals

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