Relationship goals
Relationship Goals

The Five Inevitable Stages of a Relationship | Most Couples Stop at the Third!

If you are still single, think about all the people you have dated and ask yourself: What did go wrong?

To understand at which point you are having the most troubles, let’s divide the process of meeting a new person into Five Stages of a Relationship. From Infatuation to Love we will examine each step in depth in order to underline what could go wrong and what to avoid.

The Five Stages of a Relationship

 Here’s the list of five stages of a relationship that’s going to change your life.


1 – Infatuation

This is the most ‘fairy taley’ of the stages of a relationship. Here’s when you start to have stronger feelings for a colleague at work, at university or even the guy/girl you see on the subway every morning. Fantasizing and thinking about that person is all you. Very little can go wrong in this stage of a relationship, however, let’s keep our feet on the ground! You don’t want to create a fake character in your head and then be disappointed from the reality.

first stage of a relationship - seceret love


2 – Approach

Very scary boys and girls!

How can I approach that guy? What line should I come up with? What if she says ‘no’? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with being rejected. It happens to everybody. Just take some courage, be yourself and face up the stages of a relationship number 2. If you are funny then approach the person in a funny way. If you rather be romantic, that’s ok too. What you definitely should avoid is exaggerating. Too funny, too romantic… that sounds desperate. Go easy on it and you will be rewarded.

the dating stages

3 – Dating

We are in the middle of our stages of a relationship list and things start to get better. Dating is the funny part of every relationship, especially the first few dates. You start to get to know each other, first kiss, first weekend together, it all sounds amazing! However, this is the step where you should take the risk and put all you have on the table. To trust someone takes time but it can only happen if you are 100% open and honest. This is the reason most people don’t go past the third stage. We are terrified of being too exposed, it makes us feel vulnerable. Therefore, we tend to stand back from a possible relationship.

dating - the middle phase of the relationship stages


4 – The real me

If you managed to get to the fourth stage of the relationship… Well, consider yourself lucky! Most people stop at the middle point during the stages of a relationship. In this stage you get to know every side of your partner. You are possibly living together or you have been dating for at least 6 months. The first fights have already happened therefore, you had the chance to see the worst side of each other. None of us is perfect, we all have flaws and imperfections. What is hard about this stage is the acceptance of this negative parts. Whether you are willing to accept your partner with all the good and bad, it’s up to you. It is hard but if you do this means you are really in love with your companion and nothing will break your relationship.

one of the best relationship stages

5 – Love

Here we are in the stage where you accept and love each other for what you are, day by day. The hard bit in this part is the routine.

Only few couples make it this far, the stages of a relationship require more and more commitment, trust and empathy. Even couples who are married might never reach the fifth and final stage of a relationship.  On this level, you are truly a team and have progressed through all the stages of love. If you are still dating, this is the stage where you can truly think about getting married as long as you feel comfortable. If dating, this is the stage where you can get married and feel comfortable with that decision. The fifth and final stage is a stage of mature and sustainable love. Comfortable signs are that you have chosen to be with your partner and you have a vision for the future together as a couple, mutually.



Now that you have learnt about the five inevitable stages of a relationship, it’s time to get your ideas ready in real life. Sign up on Luxy now to date and read about how to plan your relationship goals as a couple. You’ll find more interesting dating advice on our blog.

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