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Soulmate | 12 Signs To Tell That You’ve Got A Soulmate

With over 7.53 billion people walking this Earth today, it is difficult to believe that there is just one person who has been made for you – your soulmate.

Some say that a soulmate is more than a best friend, somebody who you completely and truly connect with on the deepest emotional level. You open and offer your complete self to them because they accept and believe in you even if nobody else does. A soulmate inspires one another to develop and grow to make them a better version of themselves.

To be put quite simply, a soulmate is more than a partner or lover.

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So how do you know when you have a soulmate?

1.They just get you.

You have friends and family that you speak to regularly, you love them, you get on. But this particular person just instantly gets you…

You immediately get along. You have the same interests, if you bring something up they will instantly know what you are talking about, no questions asked, they can hold a conversation about that and make it exciting and interesting. You feel like you are both on the same level.

You love their company. They just… get you.

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2.You can pick up on one another’s emotions easily.

One of you sad? Something on your mind? Having a bad day?

Your soulmate will instantly know and detect this. No questions asked, they will just pick up your aura and know when something is off. They will do absolutely everything they can and will definitely know how to turn your negative feelings into nothing but positivity.

You can always rely on them to pick you up when you’re feeling down.


3.You want them to succeed and be happy.

You see your soulmate as your other half and you love and want them to be successful and happy just as much as you want it for yourself, if not more.

You inspire one another to persevere and to be a better version of themselves to help them to make something of their life. You are excited by the thought of them being successful and will ensure that they are nothing less than happy during the process.

Nothing makes you happier than seeing your soulmate both successful and happy.

4.You feel each other’s pain.

As previously mentioned, your soulmate is your other half. You cannot be without them and would not dream of being so. You care so deeply about their feelings and emotions, so much that their pain instantly becomes your pain and vice versa.

You never want them to feel unhappy and when they do, you feel that too. That’s because you are so deeply emotionally attached to one another, you instantly get down when they are down because you cannot stand them feeling the way that they do. On the other hand, the other half of you is strong and focused on helping to relieve their pain.

Nobody wants their soulmate to feel pain, so you share the load. 

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5. They give you a sense of peace and comfort.

When you are in one another’s company, you feel extremely peaceful and at ease, their presence is the most comforting you have ever felt.

After a long, stressful day, you are happy because you know that you can go meet your soulmate and be in each other’s company to end your day on a positive note. They will instantly make you feel at ease and peace.

Their company is the most comforting thing ever.

soulmate - feel each other's pain

6. They add value to your life.

Your soulmate is in your life for a reason. They give you the best advice and help you to make the right decisions in life. They are your go to person for advice, you would not trust anyone else and their advice is just the best.

They lead you down the right path and motivate you to do better, assisting your journey to success.

7. You trust and respect each other.

You do not suffocate the other and control what they can and cannot do. You respect and understand what one another needs and you trust them when they are not with you, because there truly is not any reason to not trust.

You appreciate that relationship you have, nothing is more important than trust and respect.

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8. You can be yourself.

You are not afraid to just be yourself, simply put. You do not feel the need to put an act on or to conform to someone else who you just do not click with. You can be yourself, there are no lies and you love that about your relationship, there are no secrets, everything about it is pure and honest – that’s the best bit.

The most important part, you love one another because they act like themselves, you love them for them and would not want them to behave any different.

9. Your values are similar or along the same lines.

Life goals and values, you share them! You have the same outlook in life and both strive to reach them together. Because of that, you are even more determined to inspire one another and achieve your life goals together, and you love that.

Having someone by your side to support and help you achieve what you both want is life is the most priceless relationship you can have.

Why do it alone when you can and want to do it together?

10. You grow and learn through the rough times.

No relationship is perfect, even with your soulmate. You are bound to have off days, disagreements and moments where you have awful fights that you never want to remember again. They can make you the angriest you have ever been.

But through all of that, you come out stronger than ever. You learn from those experiences and it makes your bond better than it was before.

11. You do not have eyes for anyone else.

Before meeting your soulmate, you might have seen yourself with other people, or fancied the look of others however, now that you are in this relationship, all of those feelings have suddenly stopped.

You only want your soulmate and nobody else, you could never image anyone else but them.

And why is that? Read the final sign that you’ve got a soulmate.

12.You love them unconditionally.

The love that you have for your soulmate is completely unconditional. No matter what they do, no matter how badly they mess up, you will always love them. You care so much about their happiness and will do anything for them to make them feel nothing but that.

You give your love to your soulmate and do not expect or care for anything in return. You wholeheartedly love them and nothing will ever change that, you will do everything you can to keep them in your life forever.

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So, do you have a soulmate?

We are determined that these 12 Signs has helped you to narrow down and evaluate the relationship that you are thinking about right now. Take the time and determine whether or not that person is your soulmate, if they are not, would it hurt to continue looking?

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