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How to Tell If Someone Likes You: 20 signs a person likes you

When you like someone, you want to tell if that someone likes you. The most obvious question that comes into your mind must be ‘Does he or she like me?

can you sense when someone likes you? How do you tell if someone likes you, it’s a hard question!

Some people confirm their feelings for each other by saying ‘I love you’ but it’s best to ensure the other person feels the same way before jumping to conclusions.

Today, Luxy will share 20 signs to help you know if someone likes you.

20 Signs to Tell If Someone Likes You

1. Do they always agree with your opinion?

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There is a ‘Similarity Principle’ when we meet new friends. That means people prefer to get along with others who share the same interests and hobbies. If people agree with your point of view, you get a sense of satisfaction.

If a guy or girl likes you, they will usually agree with your point of view. Even if they don’t, they’ll say that your opinion is also very reasonable. However, if he or she often disagrees with your idea, they may not fancy you.

2. Do they want to know more about you?

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The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.

One interesting thing is that, even if you don’t like something at first, you have a strong possibility to change your mind when you know more about it.

3. Do they respond to your messages?

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If your dream love does not reply to your messages for a long period of time, they may not be interested in you. They might be busy, but they could also be doing this on purpose.

They may be too stubborn to reply and if they do, they will feel in conflict and anxiety. As a result, they’ll tell you they are ‘busy’ or ‘have something to do’ to reduce their anxiety.

4. Do they eat a lot?

how to tell if someone likes you


Experiments show that girls will eat less when eating with their dream love (This is not applicable to boys).

So, if you are lucky enough to dine with your goddess, you can pay attention to her appetite. If she is eating an excessive amount during the meal, she may not have that special feeling for you.

  5. Physical contact

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If they have not actively refused any physical interaction and occasionally do, make contact. Then they likely feel comfortable around you and have a good impression on you.

6. Gifts will get them thinking

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Give them gifts a few times and see their reaction. If they are happy to receive your gift, this means they have a good impression of you.

7. Do they do as what they said?

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If they keep telling you things like you’re wonderful but they are not ready to have a relationship, it just means they are not into you. Do not even try to wait for the days when they are ready. They are ready start a relationship but is not with you.

8. Do you have their full attention on the date?

When you are dating, there are also some signs a guy or girl likes you. For example, when you are telling a funny story, will they laugh with your story and pay attention.

If they keep playing their phone or you are the one that is constantly talking on the date and are not paying any attention, they may not be interested in you.

9. Their attitude towards your behavior

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If you are very busy and ignore their message for a long time, but they did not care at all or come to find you, they are not that interested in you.

10. Pay attention to their eyes



If they are interested in you, they’ll always look at you. There is a good way to help you test: first look at their faces for four seconds, then look away and look back again. Do they keep eye contact with you? It proves they are interested in you.

Maybe they often look at your mouth when you are together, then they are 100% attracted to you. When you are talking, their eyes may remain in contact looking at you for two or three seconds. This indicates they might be interested in you. However, if you notice them actively looking away to stop the eye contact, they may not be interested in you.

11. Observe whether their attitude to others is different from you

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If they really like you, their attitude to you must be different from others. Some boys will even flirt with other girls to attract their dream girl’s attention. They want to know your reaction to see if you like them. (Yes, I know this sounds weird.)

Fortunately, if you check carefully, you can know if he is doing this intentionally. If he just wants to attract your attention, he will secretly observe your performance when flirting with other girls. You can pretend to go to the bathroom, if he stops when you leave, he is into you but not others. Or you can pretend to leave, let your friends help you find out.

12. Do they like the thing you like?



For example, if you tell them your favorite music, which they never heard before, they’ll let you recommend some related bands or songs. Or they will find the bands concert and ask you to see the show together.

If you mentioned your favorite TV show, they’ll see it as well and tell you they like the show and discuss the details in the show with you. These details prove they like you.

13. If they are nervous

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Are they normal when they are laughing? Are they sweating or taking deep breath to calm down? Or looking away when they notice you are looking at them? These are the signs to know if a guy or girl likes you.

14. Take a look at their friends


If their friends know they like you, they might create a joke when you are around. So, have a look at their friends, see if they give a mysterious look.

15. Do they imitate your actions?

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Imitating is a sign to see if a person likes you. If you find that they always mimic your movements, then it is likely that they like you.

You can also try to imitate their movements. For example, when they touch their hair, you can also touch your hair. These all implies that ‘I also like you’.

16. Are they willing to follow you?



When you find a table after buying lunch, will they sit close to you or even sit on the same table? But be careful this may also be because there is no other seat to sit. See if they do this regularly.

17. If they like to play jokes with you

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Playing modest jokes with you is a sign to know if a guy or girl likes you. Of course, if the jokes are not appropriate, you should tell them directly. Let them know that you deserve to be respected from the beginning.

18. Do they like to praise you?

how to tell if someone likes you


If they notice your dress style is different from usual or change your hairstyle, then likely they like you. Especially for girls, because in general guys will not notice such small details or praise you.

So, if he says ‘You are very beautiful today’ or ‘I like your shirt’ or ‘You have a new hair cut? Looks cute!’, then he like you!

19. See if they are always around you

Romantic attractive couples


Are they always around you? Then they may be deliberately trying to see you often. If this happens often lot in the short term, it might just by change. If it happens in the long term, then they may be deliberately doing so to see you often.

20. Respond to the signs

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There may come a time when they decide to express their feeling to you, then you should reply to them politely and promptly. If you want to continue the relationship, do not miss the chance. Find ways to approach them and let them know your true feelings.

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  • Nina Ingram

    If all the signs are there but the guy avoids to make eye contact at least most of the time so what does it show? is he still into the girl or all the other signs are just a misunderstanding? super confused at this stage. need your expert advice!

    • @onluxy

      That’s a really good question Nina!

      There is a chance the guy is very shy. Maybe he likes the girl very much but has little experience in this area and eye contact could make his heart race too much! It could also be a unique quirk of his to avoid eye contact, how does he act with other people? If all the other signs are there it is likely that he does like the girl very much.

      I’m not sure if you are the female in question but do both people communicate often by text or phone? If he is sending the girl messages very often this is a sign he is trying to spend as much time as possible with who he is interested in. You could even ask him if he has a girlfriend and see what his response is. Does he suddenly become nervous or want to smile after saying no? It’s another likely sign he is very much interested.

      The only method to find out 100% is for the girl to ask him what he thinks of her.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you want some more advice! I’d also love to know how the situation works out, i’m hoping for a happy romantic ending!

  • Robert Wayne

    Great piece of writing friend. I have met the girl of my dreams. she is fun, lively and most importantly has a superb dressing sense. when we talk, she touches her hair a lot but she does not seem confused or anything when we talk. she goes out with me but it is not any sort date or something due to outdoor work, we go together two 2 to 3 times in a month. I have a question; can she really be into me? I am afraid to make a move what if I have been assuming it this whole time? Could you help me by sharing some advice? I do need it at this point.

    • @onluxy

      Great question Robert!

      Are all of your meetings together work related? Why not ask her out for lunch or dinner one evening? Or you could ask if she would like to go to a show you have tickets for. If she is really not interested she may say something like ‘i hope you didn’t get the wrong idea, but i don’t look at you this way’. You can respond that you are asking as a friend as you have free time. AT least you will still have the person in your life as a friend.

      Or do you communicate by text or phone regularly? Start sharing more information about yourself and asking information about her. You can ask if she is seeing anybody (remember this not uncommon to ask between friends) and see how she responds. Maybe she says no and gives you a smile, then you can ask her on a date as she is probably interested. Worst case she says she is taken, but you will know the truth.

      I know its hard to work out the answer and get the courage to ask her directly; these signs are only suggestions and not 100% guarantees as every human being is different.
      If you ask her the worst thing she can say is no and the best thing is that you experience one of the happiest experiences if life. I will give you a quote from Will Smith ‘In one second, you realize that it’s the most blissful experience of your life. You’re flying. There’s zero fear. … The best things in life are on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear, are all of the best things in life.

      It can be hard to pick up on the signals, especially as when you are with her you feel this overwhelming sense of love. When all you can think about is the girl sat next to you and it’s hard to spot any signals. The only 100% sure method is to ask her.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you want some more advice my friend!

  • Brad

    I have just come out of a 6 year relationship and I am try to find my way throw this hard time. I am wanting to meet over women but being I a 6 year relationship I have forgotten how to approach women I am nervous to even start a conversation with them how can I over come this please can you help?

  • Find Out More

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  • eebest8

    “Wonderful post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Kudos!”

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