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15 Festive Winter Date Ideas

This Winter and holiday season, it’s time to have some fun with your loved one using these great Winter date ideas. Even in the colder months you can still go out on some dates and have fun.


Don’t worry, we have a selection of winter date ideas to enjoy with your other-half. There will be many winter date ideas here you love, whether outdoors in the snow or huddled up indoors. So, read on and give them a go!


Great Winter Date Ideas


1.Visit Christmas Markets


Have you visited the any of the seasonal Christmas Markets? Wrap up nice and warm to go visit your local Christmas market to sample tasty treats and take in the festive atmosphere. What could be more romantic!

These markets take their origin from Germany and serve delicacies such as bratwurst, mulled wine and hot chocolate.

There are many of these markets during the holiday season in the USA such as the Washington DC Downtown Holiday Market, Union Square Holiday Market NYC, Christkindlmarket Chicago, The Great Dickens Christmas Fair CA and the Texas Christkindl Market. If you are Europe for the holidays you can visit London’s Winter Wonderland or one the many traditional Christmas markets in Berlin.


2.Go Ice Skating


Wrap up warm and get festive by going on this traditional Winter date idea.

Hold hand with your date and skate around on one of the numerous ice skating rinks that pop up every holiday season. No venue to do this is more famous than The Rink at the Rockefeller Center NYC.


3.Be a Tourist


When you live in a city so long, many of us neglect the local sights. Have an adventure together and go do some touristy things by visiting the local sights.

It will be an enjoyable experience as you both discover new sights in your own area, maybe even some places you will want to go visit again and again.


4.Visit a National Park


Go and see your local national park this winter. Lace up your matching boots and go to venture out into the snowy outdoors. It will be a romantic time as you see beautiful sites and keep each other warm.

Some top winter picks are Denali Alaska, Yosemite Idaho Montana Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Colorado and Acadia Maine. These parks are huge and there are many to choose from, so if this is your thing you wont run out of any winter date ideas this year.


5.Have a Hot Tub Date Night


Go outside but keep toasty warm by spending a romantic evening in a hot tub. Share some glasses of champagne and relax in a bubbly hot tub. Check your local spa as many have outdoor facilities and hot tubs that will be much more romantic than an indoor Jacuzzi evening.

Or if you plan to use it regularly, invest in your own Hot Tub and every night can be date night in your back yard. Check Amazon for their best sellers.


6.Go to a Football Game


Winter is the height of the NFL season, so why not treat your other half to tickets this winter. You can wrap up warm and take in the atmosphere for a great date.

You could even treat yourselves to premium hospitality seating and experience first class wining and dining during the game. Get your official tickets on the NFL website.


7.Have an outdoor BBQ


BBQ’s are usually seen as a summer activity, but you can switch it up this winter. The hot coals will help keep you warm. Plus, a nice hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine while you cook will keep you both warm while you wait for the tasty food.


Couple Wrapped up Holding hands in the Winter snow


8.Go Hiking


Lace up in your matching boots and visit your local trail for a hike. Bring a flask of hot cocoa to keep you warm and get active together even in the colder months. You can visit All Trails to find your local hike.


9.Visit a Spa


Treat yourselves to a Spa day or even a weekend getaway to relax at a spa. Get pampered with massages and steam rooms together as a couple and enjoy the relaxing romance.


10.Build a Fort


Get cozy and build a fort at home to spend with your partner. Make it look romantic with fairy lights, lots of comfy cushions and soft blankets. Bring your laptop so that you can cuddle up and watch a movie or binge some Netlfix.


11.Bake Together


Spend one day baking tasty treats in the kitchen together. Cook up some cookies and cakes while wearing your matching aprons in a nice and warm kitchen.

It will be very romantic as taste each other’s treats and see who can make the best brownies.


12.Have a Game Night


Spend one night playing some fun board games or video games with each other. There are even cooperative games you can play where you help each other instead of competing.

There’s a huge variety of games to try your hand at – even some just designed for couples!


13.Visit a Drive in Cinema


Go to a late night showing of a classic movie at a drive-in cinema. You can bring your own tasty snacks and flasks of hot drinks to enjoy. Plus, bring some blankets to snuggle up and get cozy while watching the movie.


14.Go Dancing


One evening go out and learn some new dance moves at a dance class. Visit a Salsa bar to experience some Latin culture and get close and romantic. Have a few mojitos to get you in the spirit and dance the night away to warm each other up.


15.See a Show or Concert


Go and see a theatre show or buy tickets to see your favorite artist this winter. It’s a great treat for any time of year but especially so at winter when it is cold outside.

There are also many winter themed musicals and shows just for the festive season. No place is more famous than Broadway to catch a show.


Winter couple embracing



We hope you enjoy these great Winter Date Ideas and have fun trying them out with your loved one!


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