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Advice for Your First Thanksgiving as a Couple

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Thanksgiving is a time for families and loved ones to reunite and celebrate. Usually over lots of food, drinks and old traditions.


For new couples, navigating their first thanksgiving may be a little tricky. Different families may have different thanksgiving traditions. Keeping everyone happy might be a difficult task, especially for your first time.

Here at Luxy, we believe that Thanksgiving is the first perfect time to take the bond you and your partner have and make it even stronger. To keep your love strong this holiday season, we have put together some advice. Helping to ensure that your first Thanksgiving as a couple is one of many:


Decide How You Want To Spend It

Discuss in advance how you want to spend Thanksgiving Day. Take into consideration what is important to each of you.

Whether one family celebrates the holiday more than the other. Or maybe one lives further away. It is important to consider both of your family’s traditions and respect their desires as well as your own.

Once you have discussed what is important to each of you, you can make a decision that you are both happy with to make the most of the festive holiday season.

Create New Traditions

A typical Thanksgiving Day for most families includes a big turkey dinner, watching the NFL or the Macy’s parade. As well as of course cutting into a delicious pumpkin pie.

Holidays are all about traditions, but they are also about spending time with your loved ones. This means that old traditions can sometimes be broken to make space for new ones.

Use this Thanksgiving to create new traditions with your partner. Creating traditions that you can continue to celebrate for years to come. Make this first thanksgiving a memorable one, building your own traditions for the future.


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Make Time For Yourselves

If you are spending the holiday with family or friends, make sure you squeeze in some solo time for you and your partner.

Whether you choose to cook a dish together for Thanksgiving dinner, relax by the fire with mugs of hot cocoa or binge watch holiday movies.

Remember that it is important to make time for yourselves. Use this holiday to get to know each other better and appreciate the time you spend together.

Remember The Purpose Of Thanksgiving

Holidays have a reputation of causing stress and family tension but don’t let this overshadow the real purpose of Thanksgiving.

Take time to appreciate and enjoy the time spent with those around you by giving thanks to your loved ones. Don’t let the stress of your first thanksgiving together distract you from the beauty of the holiday.

Tell your partner everything you are grateful for; even the small things they do for you that may seem insignificant; are important to give thanks for.


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For those of you who are still unsure how to spend this Thanksgiving and do not have a partner to share a first with; don’t worry! It’s not too late to join Luxy to find your perfect match for the holiday season!


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