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In today’s climate, we are bombarded by the idea of finding ‘True Love’ and finding ‘The One.’ The idea of romance and marriage is exposed to us from the early years of childhood in Disney movies where the Princess finds her Prince and lives ‘Happily Ever After’, and also in adulthood through social media and the craze of ‘Relationship Goals.’

This can create personal pressure to find a lifelong partner in the pursuit of happiness. Additionally, some people may experience pressure from family to settle down and start a family.
This desire for marriage can also be amplified through watching friends finding love and getting engaged and married. However, it is important to note that everyone is on a different path! Some friends may still be living at home and embracing the single life to the full whilst others have found their special someone, are engaged and having kids. There is no specific timeline for everyone. 

In fact, dating is not always so straightforward either. With trying to balance our busy working lives and socialising, it can be difficult to find time for relationships and dating. In addition, it can be difficult to meet likeminded people in this casual dating culture were trends such as ‘Cuffing Season’ exist whereby singles get into temporary spontaneous relationships through the Fall/Winter season. This casual dating culture is further ignited by certain dating sites with a status for casual flings. Beyond this, the millennial generation is growing away from traditional values of getting married at a young age. Instead, we tend to be a much more career focused society who settles down and marries later in life after finding career stability.

To combat this, dating apps are a great option for those looking for marriage, as their main purpose is helping singletons find their perfect match! With an array of choice, the difficulty lies when finding the dating site that suits your needs for meeting marriage minded singles. But at Luxy, we are here to help YOU!

How can Luxy help you?

When dating for marriage, Luxy is here to help.

 Luxy is the leading luxury millionaire dating site for the wealthy, successful, beautiful and attractive singles who like all things luxurious. The average annual income earned by singles on the Luxy millionaire dating site is $350k+ with a whopping 43% of users being verified millionaires.
While there are other dating apps, Luxy understands that trying to balance your busy working life and social life means that dating and meeting marriage minded singles can be a struggle. So, what better way to find matches than on your phone or laptop wherever and whenever you please?

Finding long lasting love on Luxy

Luxy can assist in finding that marriage minded single you are after by ensuring that genuine connections are made. This is achieved by using the most accurate and reliable verification process to guarantee only the finest selection of users in the world. This means that you have no fear of catfishing on your quest of dating for marriage, making your goal of finding marriage that much easier! The site also has zero tolerance for sugar daddies or sugar babies, eliminating any possibility of time wasters.

Luxy also understands that it can be confusing to figure out other people’s intensions when dating. This is why Luxy has a feature whereby you have the option to choose what type of relationship you are looking for! This feature is great as it eradicates users getting any wrong impressions from other singles and helps you make good quality choices with your matches.
Even better, there is a wide array of choice with Luxy and currently there are over 1.5 million singles on the site. You will be making matches in minutes! This is one of the benefits of dating for marriage through Luxy as you will be exposed to a better selection of matches than searching for a partner in your everyday life!
What better way to find your long-lasting love then through the Luxy dating app, designed exactly for people just like you who are looking to meet only the most exclusive users.
So why not sign up to Luxy now and find your long-lasting love? Because who doesn’t want to find that special someone to spend the rest of their life together?

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