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Fall in Love with a Sagittarius based on their zodiac sign

All humans, every zodiac sign have their own personality traits and so it’s understandable that not all signs will be compatible with each other, regardless of whether they are attracted to each other or not. For instance, while you might be physically attracted to the face of a Sagittarius, if your sign does not match, then there are chances that the relationship will not work out as you expected.

Zodiac signs are very useful when you want to find the one, someone who will be your companion for the rest of your life. Zodiac signs will help you focus your attention on finding the right person that will successfully fit into your lifestyle and goals. Also, most people who believe in love believe that astrology can help give some insight into yourself and your partner to really make a relationship work.

This article will focus on the Sagittarius zodiac sign since their sign is passing through this festive cuffing season. 


A Sagittarius in a Relationship

Although people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are quite apprehensive first when it comes to love, they still like the thrill of the chase. Because of their personality trait, Sagittarians like to take their time whilst getting to know a person so that they can properly invest their time and efforts into them. And for this reason, Sagittarius are very curious so they will ask lots of questions to get to know a person on a deeper level and make a genuine connection. Similarly, this fire zodiac sign will also be able to hold good conversations because they just love to talk and are open to anything. What’s also fun about being in a relationship with a Sagittarius is that they are exceptionally adventurous, so its almost impossible for them to stay at home all the time.

Whilst in a Relationship

Sagittarius zodiacs in a relationship are generally passionate and romantic idealists. Since Sagittarius zodiac sign is an adventurous one, being in a relationship with them everyday would be different and so you would not get bored easily. Due to the nature of their personality, Sagittarians like to physically show and verbalize their emotions. So, whilst in a relationship if you ever encounter any problems, your Sagittarius partner will make sure the issue is resolved by talking it out. Especially since they want things to work before even thinking about giving up. 

Sadness and Heartbreak

An admirable aspect about the Sagittarius zodiac sign is the fact that they can deal with sadness and heartbreak extremely well – even if at first it would seem unbearable to them. Sagittarius tend to deal with breakups in an intellectual, philosophical and or a spiritual way. This way they can find the greater meanings in the tests that life has to offer, making them a stronger individual next time they get into a relationship.

Moreover, a person of Sagittarius zodiac sign is usually extremely positive and optimistic about the future. They tend to see the better in things, even if they are going through hard times such as sadness and heartbreaks.

So, if you ever do fall in love with a Sagittarius and start a relationship with them, don’t fear them turning into a psycho ex if a breakup ever occurs since that’s not what their zodiac sign is about! 

Love and Luck

Astrologically speaking, people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign have a big potential for luck than other zodiac signs when it comes to love. As we discussed before, this is mainly because they are courageous, confident and optimistic. They create their own luck by grabbing every opportunity that comes in their path. 

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Which signs are compatible

To build a strong relationship with a Sagittarius, the other zodiac sign must understand that this fire sign is extremely sociable, fun and someone that puts great emphasis on independence and freedom. Thus, certain zodiac signs will be completely smitten by a Sagittarius who is particularly confident, extroverted and super friendly.

Aries is a perfect match for a Sagittarius since they are both fire signs. As they say, where there is fire, there is passion. The spark between these two is electric, and so their life together will be filled with fun and lots of adventures. As a couple in a serious relationship, they are neither clingy nor dependent on each other. This will give them personal freedom that they can cherish and enjoy together.

Another zodiac sign that is also compatible with Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of Leo.  Both these zodiac signs are optimistic, enthusiastic, carefree and generous. This will enable them to live their life to the fullest whilst in a relationship.

What do you make of a Sagittarius? If you think a Sagittarius zodiac’s personality traits are exactly what you are looking for then why don’t you ask one of them out and see if your zodiac signs are compatible. If your zodiac sign is not compatible, then try another one! There’s always hope for love for every zodiac sign!

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