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Relationship Goals

10 Couple Goals All Couples Should Create Together

Some people think the whole process of being in a relationship is natural and should happen spontaneously. However, even romantic pacts can actually reach better results with the help of couple goals. The better results we are talking about are a good level of fulfilment for both partners, as a couple and as individuals. Also, everyone wants to be happy and to be a couple in constant development. The relationship goals are a logical way of doing this.

Here is a list of 10 Couple Goals that will help you to improve your relationship and to avoid toxic relationships.

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10 Couple Goals

1 – Honesty

In a relationship being honest is essential. To be clear and open about issues, personal or of the couple, is productive. In this way it is possible to work on a solution.

This first couple goal takes into account also being honest with ourselves about our feelings and being considerate of the partner’s feelings.

2 – Support

To give support to each other is one of the best advantages of being in a relationship. You know you always have a companion to count on. Also, being supportive of the other is a fulfilment for both since it increases the self-esteem of each individual. Therefore, by being confident of ourselves we then become more supportive to others.

3 – Trust

Trust is the pillar of a healthy relationship. This is one of the couple goals that needs to be constantly renewed. Not to trust someone at first is completely natural however, sometimes we tend to trust people that we like straight away. This ‘gut feeling’ is not wrong but through the development of a healthy relationship it should be built on real reasons.

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4 – Friendship

They say relationships that are born from friendships are the strongest ones. However, there is no reason why a romantic relationship could evolve on some level into friendship. In fact, it is really important to be friend with your partner. It makes the relationship more diverse and therefore, healthy.

5 – Romance

It’s fundamental to have physical attraction in a healthy couple. When it comes to new couples it seems quite easy to be around each other all the time. However, in a mature relationship the romance needs constant improvement. There are many tips on how to keep the spark alive. Check out our article about 10 Secrets to Make Love Last.

6 – Freedom

Amongst all the couple goals listed, Freedom is one of the main. In order to contribute into a relationship each person should be satisfied also as an individual. To fulfil your own interests and to spend some time out of the couple is constructive for the couple itself. Healthy relationships are born from healthy and free individuals. 

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7 – Compromises

Although compromises are one of the unpleasant relationship goals, we should consider them as something that you can give but also receive. In a healthy couple each partner wants the happiness of the other. Therefore, being altruist is the key to accept compromises and to avoid being in a one way relation.

8 – Empathy

To be understanding of your companion is quite relevant point amongst the couple goals. It goes together with being aware of your behaviour. By recognising and understanding your own behaviour you will also be able to recognise and explain your partner’s. Empathy helps to avoid silly arguments therefore, it contributes to the growth of a healthy couple.

9 – Share

Whether is sharing about your day or about deep feelings, this is an essential part of a healthy relationship. It makes both partners part of each other’s lives. Also, participating into shared activities and to have a communal hobby are good relationship goals; this increases the bound between two people.

10 – Spontaneity

Despite the fact we are discussing about planning couple goals, a portion of spontaneity is required when navigating the love and relationships sea. To surprise your partner with a getaway or a simple breakfast in bed is always a good way of shaking the routine and of making a special day out of normal one.

Do you have to use them all?

It is important to adapt this list to each couple. In order to reach the main goal of being in a healthy relationship, each couple should identify which of the couple goals in the list is more important for them. You could choose with your partner and discuss on which area you should focus more, as a couple and as individuals.

Why would you set couple goals?

Because to have relationship goals, black on white, will benefit the relation. Every time you feel that something is not going for the best you will be able to spot the issue much easily. You will then be able to work on that area and to reach happiness. No one wants to be in a relationship that does not move forward. The relationship goals will favourite the development of a healthy couple and the growth of both partners.

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