Alway argue means this is toxic relationship
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Get Out of Your Toxic Relationship Now, It’s Not Healthy!

No relationship is perfect. Some even can be toxic.

Every relationship starts off on a high, reaches its peak and at some point it comes back down, goes back up, or in some cases it keeps going down and they break up.

Are you starting to feel like your relationship has reached its peak and is slowly declining? Are you beginning to feel unhappier as the days go by?

Could this be the beginning of a toxic relationship?

There could be a number of reasons as to why you are feeling this way, let’s try and get to the root of the problem. We have identified one reason your relationship could be declining.


Do you have a toxic relationship?

What is a Toxic Relationship?
Let us define what a toxic relationship is first before we delve into the signs to identify if you are in one.

A toxic relationship is a relationship whereby either of those involved in the relationship are emotionally and/or physically damaging to their partner, resulting in negative emotional and mental consequences for the one suffering.

It is not always easy to spot the signs in your relationship to determine if it is a toxic relationship or not. Many people may find that the pain they are feeling in their relationship is easier to handle than if they were to end the relationship, making it difficult to take a step back to truly think about what they want.

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So, if you’re ready to evaluate and take control of your relationship then keep reading for 5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship for you to think about!

This is just the beginning of how to get out of a toxic relationship.

1. They always want to control you
It could begin with them keeping excessive tabs on your location. Constantly texting you, asking where you are, when you will return home and who you’re with.

They may give you a curfew or tell you who you can or cannot communicate with.

2. You constantly argue.
You can never agree with each other. Every small thing becomes an argument, it happens daily, maybe more than once a day?

Do you feel that every small thing is picked up on, things that you do not agree should create an argument? Completely unnecessary. It can be confusing and exhausting.

Alway argue means this is toxic relationship

3. They are always negative and have no positive thoughts towards you.
Do they give you compliments? Or let you know how special you are and how important you are to them?

Or do they constantly point out problems about you and your relationship and emphasise how you could improve it by making changes to yourself?

4. You feel a little scared or uneasy around your partner.
Do you have to tread on eggshells around them or think twice about your words and actions because you are scared of how your significant other might react?

They create a fuss over your actions and in some cases, scare you, making you feel like you have done so wrong, blaming yourself, when in reality, you did not do anything wrong. What they are doing is wrong.

5. They bring up your past mistakes to justify theirs.
So, they make you sad, do things that upset or annoy you, make mistakes both big and small, but they always find a way to justify it. Sound familiar?

They use your past mistakes as an excuse to do wrong and make you feel bad instead of them feeling bad for their own actions.

Had time to think?
If you relate to one or more of these signs and feel that they are just a bit too relatable then that could really mean you are living in a toxic relationship.

Don’t panic.

There is always a solution to every problem.

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Think about what you really want and if it is worth what you are going through at the moment, a toxic relationship is in no way healthy.

Is communication an option? Will you be able to sort it out through talking?

If the answer is no, then you need to end the relationship.

Why are you wasting time?

It isn’t worth it. We hope that we have given you an eye opener and prompted you to think about how to get out of a toxic relationship.

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