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Exclusive Dating – Relationship Advice for Elite Dating Sites

Most sites for Online Dating have a quite general approach. If you are tired with endless swiping and meaningless first dates, it’s time to turn to exclusive dating apps. Exclusive Dating is for those singles who are ready to take dating seriously.



Exclusive Dating Doesn’t Mean Being ‘Elitist’


You want to find that special one? You have swiped thousands of profiles on Tinder, you wrote to hundreds on Bumble but they all seem the same and you just don’t feel the spark?

It can be a challenge to connect with people who share your idea of a relationship, lifestyle and demands. You can make Elite Dating work your way and meet quality. Take initiative now and use your time effectively.

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Luxy is the right place to meet intelligent singles who share common interests with you. It is the platform what hosts executive dating, meeting and dating motivated professionals and singles with the same common goals.


Guests on an exclusive singles’ party in London commented the following: “We hate elitism and some apps have a douchey concept anyway. The reality is that we don’t have endless time and we really want to meet the special one. Most of us are too busy to go out or socialize midweek with someone else than coworkers, so turning to an exclusive dating app like Luxy is the natural move.”

Luxy is the Exclusive Dating App to Meet the One in Executive Dating

To form a successful relationship, you need to meet your kind of person. As the most exclusive dating site, Luxy has the best exclusive community, from driven professionals and elite executives to those who value health and fitness. Luxy members appreciate the finer things in life. They are looking to meet a suitable match, a partner to enjoy life with.

Luxy makes your exclusive dating life much easier by focusing on true compatibility. Luxy is hand-picking every new member, so we can proudly recommend you singles who share similar values only. While executive dating members indeed have demanding careers, Luxy is the ideal way to make exclusive dating work.

No matter if you prefer an elite dating app or an exclusive dating site: Luxy is the convenient choice and available for iOS, Android and Web.

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Elite dating sites or apps like Luxy are for people who are looking for quality

You don’t want to make compromises with your ideals. You want to meet people who share your values and quality of life. While general dating apps have their purpose and right for existence, they seem to work best for anything casual: carefree dates, one-night stands and no commitment.

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For anyone interested into something more serious, exclusive dating apps are the place you want to be at. Learn more about elite dating by checking advice for professionals.

Closer insight: Exclusive Dating – Kicking up your relationship stage

Other meaning of Exclusive Dating? Yep, there are two. The first one is describing the kind or mode of your current relationship stage. Besides giving information of how you are approaching your search and what kind of tools you use, exclusive dating has a second meaning.

Let’s say you think the person you met last week is a match. What will you do? For many people it will be time to date this person exclusively and that’s what exclusive dating is in a non-lifestyle way.

Remember: A relationship doesn’t happen by chance or will ensue automatically. You have to work your way up.

First, there is the unconditional search, then comes exclusive dating, and then the relationship itself. These are all distinct stages with own rules and expectations. Check out our Luxy relationship advice for more valuable tips.

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