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Resolutions for Better Dating in 2019

Coinciding with the coming of the New Year, millions of people have begun to set resolutions for 2019. Some of the most popular options continue to be resolutions about romance. Finding love has always been one of the most searched keywords around New Year’s Day. If you want to be someone who has success with finding love, having better dating experiences can help you land more in the future and secure a relationship.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Everyone knows this one, but it cannot be emphasized enough. There is a huge difference between confidence and endlessly boasting about yourself or name-dropping. Taking the time to listen and ask engaging questions shows that you are interested in your date, making them more likely to reciprocate. Listening is scientifically an attractive trait, showing that you are detecting and responding to the signals that your date is sending.

Turn Off Your Phone

This day in age, it seems that nearly everybody is on their phone. However, showing the restraint to leave your phone tucked away signifies that you are solely focused on your date. Being the center of your attention will make them feel special. Your social media and texts will still be there after the few hours you spend on a date, so remind yourself of the days when all of us were without cell phones and refuse the urge to check it, if even only for a moment. Some dates may be so offended by phone usage on a first date, they may even cancel the next.

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity can be an extremely attractive trait, showing your date that your time together will be fun and exciting. During the first few dates, small acts like buying a rose or asking to go on a walk after dinner show that you are open to doing things unplanned and are looking for more. Once you get more comfortable with each other, going on a surprise date or whisking away for the weekend can be thrilling. Not to mention, spontaneity can carry over into the bedroom as well, in which case you’ll want to be prepared.

Avoid Heavy Conversations

Until you’re in a more committed relationship, talking about heavy topics can be a turn off. Explaining why you and your ex broke up, or why you hate your job, are just a few conversations you should avoid during early dates. However, this does not mean that all conversation has to be light. Actual deep questions, like having your date describe their perfect day or asking about their bucket list, not only show that you are interested, but help you actually get to know them as a person.

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