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3 Tips to Get a Valentines

Valentine’s day is just a few weeks away and that means it’s time to find a date!
As soon as February start there are cute cards, roses and chocolates filling the stores. It is never to early to pick the card that really describes your feelings.

Finding a date can be incredibly intimidating. The best thing to do is break it down into small steps. There are three easy tips that will ensure you have a valentines date and maybe even more.

Where to find a date

The easiest way to find a date is to ask someone you already know. If you regularly chat to someone on a dating app and you feel there is a mutual connection, it may be worth a shot. Be casual and calm in the weeks leading up, ask them for a valentines coffee date if you do not know them that well

If this is not your vibe then simply ask a friend. Asking a friend is a great option. If you have a friend that is also single, ask them on a friends date. This way you are not alone on valentines and you get to spend it with a good friend!

Finding a Valentines can seem very stressful, but it does not have to be. To ensure you end up with a date to not have pre-assumption about what a date consists of.

Set it up

It is important to make sure your valentine is also into you. If you get mutual vibes then it is time to start preparing the date. Here are few small steps you can implement to get date ready!

Firstly, you need to ask them to be there. Depending on your style a simple one liner or a grand romantic gesture to ask your valentine to join you. A bunch of flowers and chocolate a week before the 14th of February to ask if your valentine is available.

Secondly, setting up the date itself can be a tricky task. Depending on you style these a few options; romantic evening date, beautiful picnic, hipster coffee house or maybe just a simple gesture of flowers.

Finally, it is time to scrub yourself up. This of course differs depending on personal style but smart casual is a safe bet. This term ‘smart casual’ can be vague, the expectation for men is a clean collared shirt and nice pants and for women nice pants and blouse or a dress.

Follow Up

The date was the main event but if you don’t want it to be over make sure you follow them up!

If the date went well for both of you, then do not forget to call or text them to see how they are doing. Hopefully if the person replies and enjoys your company it could be the start of something new.

Reminisce about the date and topics that you spoke about. Try and remember the small details you spoke about and bring these up again to show you were listening and that you care.

After continuing communication if you get along, it may be time to book in another date!

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