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Romantic Christmas Traditions

Here are a variety of Romantic Christmas Traditions from around the world.

Why not try these romantic traditions out for yourself with your loved one this Christmas:

Share a Mistletoe Kiss

This is the classic romantic Christmas tradition and it’s still just as good as ever! It first started to become a tradition in the UK around the 1700’s, gaining more popularity as the years progressed and afterwards came to the US.

Mistletoe grows throughout the winter season and can often be seen high up in trees. It still will have all its fruits and leaves growing, unlike most other plants at this time of year. As a result, it is often seen as a fertile plant and a symbol to share a special kiss under.

Set  a Christmas Yule Log alight

This old school tradition involves selecting a large log to burn over Christmas in the fireplace.

The log is often placed in the fire on Christmas Eve. Then the Yule log is continued to be burnt on Christmas itself.

If you have a fireplace, this is a great romantic tradition to start, as it builds a nice cozy atmosphere to share with your loved one. It is also tradition to keep the remains of the yule log and use this to help start the fire at Christmas the following year.

The tradition even resulted in the creation of the chocolate Yule Log, eaten by many on Christmas too! Hopefully, this can be a long-lasting tradition to share with that special someone.

Christmas Yule log

Grow St. Barbara’s Cherry Blossom

This ancient Christmas tradition stems from Austria and Bavaria. The practice is to be started early on St. Barbara’s Day (Dec 4th) where a cherry blossom branch is brought into the house. In the tradition, the branch is to be potted to grow.

If it blossoms by Christmas Day, then you will have a lucky year where you will find a special romantic partner.

Hand-Pick a fresh Christmas Tree

Starting in Germany, this tradition has spread across Europe and to the US.

Instead of ordering a tree online or using a plastic tree, you can buy one yourself. As a result, you get to spend a romantic afternoon with your loved one Christmas Tree shopping!

By doing so, you can share in the festive spirit by getting outside surrounding yourself with Christmas Trees. Search through and then find the perfect tree to share special memories around.

Once picked you can have it delivered home and you can start decorating the tree as a couple. A great way to kick off the festive season and get into the Christmas Spirit.

Romantic Couple Picking Christmas Tree

Play the Swedish Rice Pudding Game

In Sweden, there is a custom of serving a traditional style rice pudding after the Christmas feast. Within the large serving bowl of pudding, a single almond is hidden.

It is said that the person who gets the almond will either have a year filled with luck or will find someone to marry in the coming year.

Therefore, if you are looking for love this may be a great tradition to start!

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Visit a Christmas Market

This Christmas tradition dates back to the 1300’s in Germany. Christmas markets are full of Christmas cheer, with tasty delicacies and fun activities to do.

It’s a great way to spend a day or two with your date.

You can wrap up warm and stroll hand in hand around the market, taking in the Christmas spirit and drinking some mulled wine to get slightly merry!

Romantic Couple at the Christmas Market

Share a Galette des Rois aka King’s Cake

This French pastry is traditionally made with a frangipane filling that includes dried fruit and cream. Also, hidden inside the pastry is a small figurine depicting a King or Queen.

This is where the real fun begins.

The person who receives the piece containing the figure gets to be the King or Queen for the day and can then choose their royal partner. This can be a fun way to make your loved one feel special, especially if you are the lucky recipient.

In some tales it is also said that the Queen or King will have a year filled with luck including a successful romance.

Watch a Romantic Christmas Movie

Cuddle up by the fireplace and watch a classic Christmas movie. Holidays are a moment to cherish your loved ones so make some time for each other.

You can spend a few evenings cuddled up watching some classic Christmas flicks or even venture out to the movies to catch the latest Christmas showing.

Christmas movies are one of the best ways to spend some time together during the Christmas holidays.

Romantic Couple Watching a Christmas Movie

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about these Romantic Christmas Traditions!

Maybe some of them are new to you?

With these ideas, you can create some great traditions to last the decades with your loved one!

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