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6 Tips to Pull Off The Perfect Proposal

Proposing to your partner is one of the most important steps in taking your relationship to the next level.

You are getting ready to spend the rest of your life with someone very special to you, so you want it to be perfect!

In the movies, it seems like the proposal is the most meaningful moment in a relationship.

The proposal itself doesn’t need to have movie magic, but it needs to be special and express how you feel about the love of your life.

Are They The One?

Now that you’ve found him or her using Luxy, you want to be absolutely sure that this person is the one before proposing.

A successful relationship is based on communication and trust.

Your fiancé-to-be should be your best friend and your biggest supporter. After all, they will be the person you rely on the most after getting married.

Two people who can grow with one another will have a stronger chance at a happy marriage.

Make sure to have all of those difficult conversations about religion, money, and kids before even getting down on one knee.

Beautiful Couple Talking


Finding The Ring

The engagement ring may be the most important part of the whole proposal.

Everyone in your significant other’s life is going to want to see it and will have an opinion on it. They may not voice it, but they will definitely be thinking it.

Your partner wants something beautiful to represent your relationship and love for one another.

There are two options you can go when choosing the ring.

You can surprise them and pick it out yourself or go the modern route and go shopping together. This really depends on the couple and your relationship.

It may be a great way to connect and make the wedding process even more special. If your partner really loves gifts, then you might want to take charge and choose it for them.

If you’re not sure where to start, online jewelers like, Blue Nile, offer their collection of engagement rings directly online, allowing you to find your symbol of love in the comfort of your own home.

Stunning Engagement Rings

Determining Your Partner’s Style

Doing a stealthy proposal is probably the more challenging of the two options, but their surprise will be completely worth it. Plus, they’ll love the idea that you picked out something special just for them.

The key to a surprise proposal is finding an engagement ring that you like and they love.

You want to choose something for your partner that you also enjoy looking at. Look at their jewelry box and see what their style is like.

You want to notice the metals that they prefer like gold or silver. Your fiance-to-be will definitely be upset if they prefer cool tones and you propose with a gold engagement ring.

Enlist the help of some of their close friends who would know what they really want. Chances are, your fiance-to-be has already told them what type of ring they prefer. You can bounce some ideas off of their friends or even take them shopping with you to get their honest opinions. This will also get you bonus points with the besties!

The secret proposal requires some stealthy questions.

You can also ask your partner directly their opinions on jewelry and style to get a feel for what they would like. Hopefully, you can be casual and try to bring it up in conversation so they aren’t suspicious.

A great opportunity is if a friend of yours is engaged or having their wedding soon. You can bring up the newly married couple’s rings and see what your partner thinks. Their reaction will help immensely in deciding which engagement ring to choose.

If they loved it, maybe reach out to the friend and find out more information on their ring.

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Choosing a Ring Together

Choosing the ring together is a different process.

Your fiance-to-be can have a direct opinion on the engagement ring and pick out something completely out of the box!

Maybe your partner has a secret longing for a celebrity inspired ring, like the one Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton. You may find a really unique option when going ring shopping together that neither of you would have chosen alone.

Another upside is that ring sizing won’t be an issue if you visit a jeweler or shop online with your partner. This will be much easier than having to go out and get it resized after the ask, if it doesn’t fit.

Plus, they get to wear it even sooner and show it off!

Lovely Couple Choosing their Engagement Rings

The Plan

The last piece to the stealthy proposal is planning it out. Find the perfect location and ask them.

That may sound simple, but it’s not!

This part of the proposal should be just for your partner.

If they don’t love sports, don’t do it at a sports game on a jumbotron. Make the ask unique to them and your relationship.

Take them to your favorite date spot or the place you met so it’s meaningful. They’ll love that you took the time to plan something special for them.

It might be really nice to have a little get-together with family and friends after the proposal. This is a great idea if your significant other is close with their friends and family.

Surprising them again could be a nice touch to a great proposal and this way they can share the news immediately.

Romantic Proposal Plan


The Speech

Practicing your proposal speech beforehand is always a smart idea.

You might be surprisingly nervous on the day of or even right before. Forgetting what you have prepared could ruin the moment and be a turn off.

Write down an outline of what you want to say to them and practice it a couple times in front of the mirror. You’ll feel more confident and you can look your loved one directly in the eyes as you ask them.

Remind your partner of the best memories you’ve experienced and why you love them and want to be with them for the rest of your life. They’re going to say yes!

Though this might be a big step, it will be easy if it’s the right person.

Your partner is your best friend so even if something doesn’t go according to plan, it will be okay. No matter what, the proposal is going to be a great story that you and your partner can tell your friends, family, and maybe your kids one day!

Make it special for the two of you and enjoy it. And their beautiful ring will remind them of the memory of this moment every day.

However you ask them, they are going to be so happy that you did.

Beautiful Proposal


We hope you enjoyed this article and make use of our tips for the perfect proposal!

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