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Exposing Sugar Babies on Dating Apps

Finding someone just as wealthy and successful as you can be the key to winning relationship, finding someone who lies about how wealthy and successful they are in order to leech off of your wealth and success can be the key to a failing relationship. This is why you should avoid Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies at all costs. ‘Sugar Babies’ or ‘Sugar Daddies’ are people who want to find a wealthy partner to look after them only, not someone to form a meaningful relationship with. There are several online services which cater to this arrangement, however most dating apps, Luxy included, do not.

Below are our tips on how to sport a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy on any dating app. And if you see one on Luxy, how to report them afterwards.

Do they list SB, arrangement, spoil me or sugar/suga in their profile? 

The phrase “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck” comes to mind.

It may seem obvious that if someone has Sugar Baby in their profile, they’re almost definitely a Sugar Baby. However, Sugar Babies are often less blatantly obvious than that. A small “sb” can be easily missed on the first viewing of someone’s profile, if you find it, it is a dead giveaway that someone is only after your money.

It’s a good thing Luxy uses a high-tech screening software to comb through thousands of users’ profiles to find and block Sugar Babies / Sugar Daddies. Even if they change their profile after being accepted onto Luxy, our AI will find and remove them. Ensuring that our users don’t have to stress about being conned out of their money. As advanced as our software is, a few still manage to slip through the net. If you find any profiles with any of the above terms in their profiles, be sure to report them, so that our staff can block them from the community.

Have they got a profile filled with pictures of fancy cars and houses?

This is a pretty sneaky way of disguising how much you actually earn. It is a trick used by Sugar Babies across the world. Just because they have a picture in front of an expensive car or house, does not mean that they actually own it! Our review team on Luxy have even found pictures of sugar babies sat in showroom cars, claiming that they own the expensive wheels! When this happens, it means that they are signalling that they want to find someone who has just as much wealth as they are pretending to have. I.e. they only want you for your money.

Sugar Baby Posing in Red Sports Car
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By using LV, you can be sure that the person you are speaking to earns exactly how much they say they do. This is thanks to our income verification system; we require all users to provide evidence of how much they earn to ensure that all of our users earn over $200,000. As a result, you can rest assured that you speaking to a fellow member of the elite and not someone who only wants you for your cash.

Is their moments page filled with fancy clothes and accessories?

There are plenty more things than cars and houses which can show off how “rich” you are. Fancy clothes, jewellery, and accessories are perfect for those who want to flash their cash as they can easily be shown in a picture. But like cars and houses, just because it’s in a picture doesn’t mean that the person actually owns it.

Sugar Baby Posing with Expensive Accessories
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Often people with expensive clothing and jewellery in their photos only have one thing in mind. Earnings! These types of users don’t care about finding someone to share a deep and emotional connection with, they just want someone to support their lavish lifestyle.  At Luxy, we actively encourage reporting this type of profile, so that our team of dedicated reviewers can ban the from the site. We only want the best for our community.

Where are they happy to meet?

This is another tell-tale sign of somebody’s motivations. There are plenty of places to meet which don’t require a lot of money; coffee shops, the zoo, an ice rink. There are also places which require A LOT of money; high-end restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. If these are the only places your date suggests going, it might mean that they just want to be wined and dined. They are not serious about starting a relationship.

Sugar Baby expecting only the most expensive wine
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On Luxy, if your match becomes aggressive or abusive in chat, for example after you refuse to take them to an expensive place, then you can report this to us. You can be safe knowing the Luxy team are always there when you need us, helping to maintain a safe environment to find your perfect match. We have got your back.

Do their pictures look too good to be true?

Often Sugar Babies will steal photos from attractive people such as models in order to win the hearts of the successful and single. So be wary, look out for profiles too good to be true, because very often they are too good to be true. When this happens, the person you are speaking to will have an ulterior motive. If they feel that genuine photos of them don’t give show how wealthy or attractive, they want to appear, then this might mean they have specific requirements for how wealthy they want their match to be. This is another huge sign that they are not looking for a genuine relationship, they should be avoided at all costs.

Red haired model in black swimsuit covered in gold
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Luxy has an in-depth photo verification system which ensure that all of our users are who they are on their profile. Ensuring that nobody get catfished, and that all of our users can sleep well at night safe in the knowledge that their match looks exactly how they look in their pictures.

The first Date

Crunch time, you get to meet your date in person. Endless possibilities. Do they look how they look in their photos? Do they earn as much as they say the earn? Are they as charming in real life as there are online? All of these questions will soon be answered. But one of the most important questions should be ‘Is there potential for a relationship?’. For there to be potential, both partners must want to invest more than money into the relationship. Which is why you have to be extra careful not to engage with a Sugar Baby.

Sugar baby accepting expensive gifts from her Sugar Daddy
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It is always hard to know somebody until you meet them in person. Often, how people act online and in real life are completely different. If the person you meet isn’t the Prince Charming you expected them to be, this can lead to some issues. If, when you go on a date, you find out that they are only interested in your money, or propose an arrangement between the two of you, you should cut your losses and end the relationship there. After all there are over 2 million other users on Luxy for you to choose from.

Concluding Remarks

It always pays to be cautious in online dating, especially if you have a lot to lose from a money-hungry Sugar Baby. Luckily there are several ways for you to spot them. Sugar Babies often leave signs at every step of the journey towards the first date that they don’t want a traditional relationship. IF you decide to follow through and see the Sugar Babies on a long-term scale you will end up both financially and emotionally drained.

Thankfully, Luxy has taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure that these types of possible cannot find their way onto our platform. We use an advance AI software which scan through all users on our platform, and blocks all of those who show signs of being a Sugar Baby. If you happen to see one of the minute population of sugar babies who make it through, then you can easily report them to our dedicated staff who will then review and block the user.


We hope you enjoyed this article on how to avoid sugar babies and you can rest assured that Luxy is doing everything it can to ensure there are none on our high-end dating platform.

Don’t be tricked by other apps. Use the safe and meaningful Luxy platform today!

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