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Why Halloween is the Best Holiday for Love

There’s no doubt about it, Halloween in one of the most exciting holidays for singles and couples. Along with carving pumpkins, decorating houses and picking perfect costumes, finding love is a Halloween tradition that continues to grow. Halloween gives you permission to jump out of your comfort zone. No matter if you want lavish Halloween parties, or snuggling up with someone on the sofa and watching horror movies. And want to find your perfect match? With this holiday fast approaching, there has never been a better time to start your elite dating journey on Luxy.

So… what is it about Halloween that gets us into the spirit of love?

It’s Science!

Proofs show that fear heightens sexual attraction – which is why taking a date to a horror movie is so popular. Just as Psychologist Dr Viren Swami suggests, “it’s a good idea to take someone to a scary movie”. If you are trying to impress them, as the feeling of fear makes the senses intensify and increases attraction. The excuse of being afraid of an on-screen horror scene allows you to snuggle up to your date. It’s a good way to get rid of the initial awkwardness. Also, it can help break boundaries and opening the door to romance.

The Element of Mystery

The spooky nature of Halloween creates a sense of mystery. The traditions of this holiday break down social norms and constraints. And it gives people freedom to step out of their comfort zone. The costumes people choose to wear not only create enigma but also show a person’s personality and creative expression. It’s good way to show your millionaire match’s sexy ‘dark side’. These obscured identities pique our interests and make it easier to approach strangers and create the possibility of romance.

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The Halloween Party

Halloween parties provide the perfect opportunity to meet potential, like-minded partners. When the drinks are flowing, energy is high and you’re standing out more than normal in your costume, you are more likely to find romance. This will allow you to meet new people, break the ice and jump out of your comfort zone. These parties are not just for singles! Coming up with Halloween costumes will allow you and your partner to spend time together doing something fun and exciting. Or, for those who’re invited to a lavish Halloween party and need a date, Luxy would be a great choice. And there is no better time to head to the app and find your ideal partner for this scary season.

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