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Romantic Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love a good Romantic Movie at Christmas?

Whether it’s a Rom-Com splitting your sides or Romantic Drama pulling at your heart strings, we all have our guilty favorites when it comes to Christmas Movies.

Below are 8 of the most Romantic Christmas Movies to watch and snuggle up with your loved one:


A hopeless romantic movie; two strangers meet and feel they are meant to be together but leave it up to fate to decide… Do you believe in fate?

Love Actually

This movie is a tangled tale of 8 very different couples lives. As the movie develops their interrelated stories are all revealed, unfolding in the build up to the Christmas holidays.

The Holiday

Two women swap homes across the world in order to avoid their man troubles at home during the festive season, only to end up falling in love with local guys on their holiday getaway.

When Harry Met Sally

If you haven’t watched this classic yet then I’m afraid you need to stop what you’re doing immediately to watch it. It is a love story of two friends, two very good friends, who are worried that sex will ruin everything between them. But does it?

It’s a Wonderful Life

An oldie but a Goldie. This movie will make you re-evaluate what is actually important in life and to treasure those near and dear to you.


Everyone loves this friendly, festive movie. It is full of comedy from an elf who has been sent from the North Pole to the U.S in search of who he truly is. On his travels he discovers many new experiences, including love.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

A single British woman keeps a diary of her love life on her determined path of self improvement in hope of finding her one true love. It is clumsy, silly and simply comedic genius. If you haven’t seen it yet… Where have you been?

Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past

While attending his brothers wedding Matthew McConaughey, a serial womanizer, is haunted by the ghosts of his past relationships. This Rom-Com is amusing and hopeful in that there is love out there for everyone.

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Each and every one of us has our own personal favourite Romantic Christmas movies they watch year on year. But who is it you want to watch them with? Download Luxy today to find your true love to snuggle up with this season

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