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10 Valentines Day Date Ideas

Now that you have secured a Valentine here are a few ideas on what to do for the date. Depending on what you and your valentine enjoy there is a date for you below. This list will help you no matter what stage you are at in your relationship.

1. Picnic Date

This classic is the perfect easy date for Valentines. Finding a local area that you can lay down a rug and picnic basket, preferably with a nice scenery. Getting a picnic basket and filling it with food you both love. An easy to eat main like sandwiches or salads, mixed with a yummy dessert of chocolate and fruit. This combination is always a winner. Pack a bottle of wine or a drink that you both enjoy. Do not forget the cutlery! Finally make sure you bring blankets if it’s cold or the evening and chose a shady spot if it’s in the sun.

2. Beach Date

This date is for those lucky enough to live on a coast. Although this idea is amazing for those that love soaking up the sun, but you must keep on track with the weather updates. What to pack; towels, rug, snacks and a cold drink. Scope out the beach before the date to find the perfect spot. Try and find a shady position if you plan on being there for a while. This date idea will allow for a mix of chatting, relaxing and being active.

3. Coffee Chill

Perfect for a first date! Asking someone on a coffee date is simple and easy. You do not need to organize the location or plan anything beforehand. Just find a cute coffee store that you know has awesome coffee and food. A coffee store will let you both chat and get to know each other as you enjoy a coffee. If your valentine is just a friend this date is also perfect.

4. Fancy Dinner

Fancy dinners are great if you are a new couple or a married couple. This does require a bit of planning to book a table at a great restaurant. The best way to pick the perfect restaurant is to go somewhere you already know is good, ask your friends or just check google reviews. You will need to pick a neat outfit and make sure you tell your date it’s a fancy dinner!

5. Cute Stroll

A cute stroll around a local park or lake is perfect to get to know someone. This date is great if you are both active and like to walk or run. A good thing to plan before the date is a few pre planned questions to bring up throughout the out. This date idea can lead to a dinner after, or a few drinks. It is a good option of you just want to test the waters.

6. Stay at Home Date

If you’re a busy couple that never really has time to just spend quality time together at home option might be for you. This date for you can go a few different ways. You can surprise your partner with a lovely cooked meal or you might both decide just ordering in and watching a good film.

7. Relaxed Dinner

Having a chilled dinner with a new partner or an old partner is perfect. It allows for quality time and good food to be had. This option does not require a lot of effort into the outfits and allows for the focus to be on the date instead. The only pre-step to be done is too book a table if the location requires.

8. Gym Date

Obviously not for everyone but this could be the start of your love story. If you are both gym junkies, then a gym date might be for you! This date requires you to make sure you can both enter the same gym. For pre-planning it might be nice to have a workout planned or be up for a coffee after. This date may allow for a small amount of talking but it will be good to experience a mutual interest.

9. Weekend Away

A weekend away is an amazing idea for busy couples that need a weekend to relax together. Booking a weekend away can be a bit difficult but go somewhere you both love or a place that again has good reviews. It is best to book the accommodation as early as possible. Plan a few surprises like a massage, day trip or dinner.

10. Breakfast Date

A breakfast date is a great go to for a first date or a weekend date. Cafe culture is a rapidly growing industry. This means that there is a good cafe on most street corners. A great way to find a cute aesthetic cafe is to check Instagram or local magazines/websites.

Comment below any other date ideas you enjoy!

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