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How Luxy Works

How Does the Online Millionaire Dating Site Luxy work?

The exclusive millionaire dating site Luxy offers its members the most upscale and extraordinary dating experience. All singles are carefully selected and match the high standards of the Luxy community.


What is Luxy?

Luxy is the leading luxury millionaire dating site for the wealthy, successful, beautiful and attractive singles who like all things luxurious. While there are some other millionaire dating sites, Luxy executes the most accurate and reliable verification process to guarantee the finest selection of users in the world among millionaire dating sites.



Find Luxy in the Media

As a millionaire dating site, Luxy has been featured on CNN, CNBC, ABC, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, just to name a few. Jimmy Kimmel even covered Luxy in his show.

Why is Luxy known as ‘Tinder for millionaires’?

The average annual income earned by singles on the Luxy millionaire dating site is $350k+. 43% of them are verified millionaires. To protect the nature of this community, the Luxy review team checks every new profile. This process ensures that all characteristics of people joining us are legitimate, real and meet our standards.

income verified millionaires on Luxy


Luxy’s key features as a first class millionaire dating site

Luxy tries best to guarantee the high quality of its user pool and an awesome experience! What’s the secret in keeping the millionaire club safe and high-quality? Let me show you some details!



Vouch process on Luxy

Giving selected members of Luxy the power to decide whether the new applicant can join this community or not, Vouch is the perfect way to initially get the opinion on all applicants and filter out those who don’t meet the criteria of Luxy. 

For the new applicants of Luxy, there is a time limit of 24 hours to gain votes of the existing members. If you gather less than 50% of positive votes within these 24 hours, you won’t be allowed to join our community and the Luxys services are unavailable for you.


Swipe and Match verified millionaire on Luxy

Once getting access to the Luxy community, you can see a wide range of attractive singles who are near you on the ‘Match’ page. You can swipe left to dislike them or swipe right to like them. If you both liked each other it’s a match! That means you can start an unlimited conversation. Besides, you can also change your preferences by clicking the filter button on the right top left corner where you can customize your recommendations according to age, gender, and more.


meet attractive singles on Luxy

This feature is awesome as it allows you to upload pictures of your activities and interests. Other members can like and comment on your Moments which enables you to meet new people and start a conversation. There are three tabs in this feature:

1. Nearby: This means that you can see the Moments of people who are near you. They can also see your Moments, it will nicely increase your social circle.

2. Hot: This showcases pictures of millionaires, entrepreneurs and attractive people, which got the most likes on Luxy.
3. Liked: This shows the moments of people who have liked you. Further more, you can check their profile and connect with them.


Luxy Black:

discount for Luxy BLACK

This is the premium service where you can get more advanced features.

With Luxy BLACK, members are able to filter their recommendation preference according to preferred income, Luxy tags and location, check the profiles of those who have given you gifts, send messages to anyone they like even before a match is made. further more, they can make their profile more private where only those you liked can see your profile, etc. find out more privileges here!



Luxy is the Millionaire Dating site, where successful and attractive singles can build beautiful relationships among like-minded people. To confirm your identity you have to verify your information by taking a clear real time selfie with your front camera. To show sincerity, people can verify their income to find matches within the same economic brackets. Luxy needs a clear copy of your driver’s license or passport. Also to ensure the user has a certain amount of wealth, you are supposed to upload a tax record, bank statement or any other document that proves your assets. This document has to be in the same name like your ID. Of course you are free to black out all other information besides income level and name. 

Need more information? Visit our main website to find out more. Also, you can get connected with us by sending an email to


No more endless swiping, join the exclusive millionaire dating site and find your true love now!😘😘

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