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Love, passion and sensuality. A relationship is incomplete if one is missing. Being obsessed to your partner and loving them in a way like no one else is what makes a relationship last longer. So, what’s the best dating advice for men who is in a valuable relationship?

Here is my dating advice for men – learn the art of seduction.

lovely couple kissing sensual is one good dating advice for men.

From rocking in bed to taking on dates, not every man knows how he can make women fall for him. You may hear of some ‘dating advice for men’ like wearing sexy clothes to showing off your muscle, but that is not the only way to impress girls. They want more, more in terms of love, romance, and passion.

Little do couples try to make their relationships interesting and the lack of excitement is what leads to a boring romantic life. Here are some dating tips and dating advice for men that can help you mastering the art of seduction for a stronger and fun relationship:

1. Surprise your partner

Surprise! Everyone loves surprises. Make your partner feel wanted and loved. Pleasantly shock her with gifts or take your love on a date. Being spontaneous in your acts and make your partner feel special is always a great love tip. Present your partner with a trophy and feel proud of them in the public. So at the next occasion, you can have your return gift.

dating advice for men - Surprise your partner

2. Don’t be needy

Keep this dating rule in mind: neediness and pressurizing are two things that make partner less attractive. Listen to each other and try not to force her to submit to you. Seduction is mutually related to having the ability to listen to your loved one and making them feel wanted. Arouse them with your words so that they are tempted to come closer.

dating advice for men - listen to her

3. Be mysterious

Everyone loves to solve a mystery. For either men or women, trying to solve unasked questions is what makes a relationship interesting. Another dating advice for men is keeping your partner guessing the next move. Change your moves every time so that your partner is unable to predict the next thing that is coming.

Golddigger expecting only the most expensive wine. As dating advice for men, stay away from these women.

4. Plan a get away

Tired of the entire workload? Is stress building up on your relationship and pressure is becoming unbearable? Plan a romantic holiday with your loved one to run away from the pressures of the city.

Taking your partner on a cruise or on a beach holiday is always a great dating tip. These getaways are the best way to reduce the stress and anxiety from your lives. Finally you will have some time alone. Grab this chance of fondling with each other and rock in bed with living behind all your worries.

dating advice - travel. Dating tips for the perfect holiday is using the dating advice for men

5. Take the first step

Why waiting for your partner to initiate sex and romance? Create a romantic environment with candles, dull out the light and wear hot to create just the right mood.

Go for sexy postures, share a glass of wine or sit on a couch cuddled together, show your partner some moves and take them to the bedroom. Let them follow your lead and they will definitely just love submitting to you.

Red haired model in black swimsuit covered in gold seducing and seducive look. What makes great dating advice for men.

6. Be playful

Who doesn’t like a bit of teasing and fondling? Get into your playful mood and surprise your partner with your acts is a great dating advice for men. Try out some role playing where the partner has to submit to you.

Explore the lips and the body of your loved one with your fingers and let them feel the heat. A little teasing here and there can definitely lead to a better night.

With just a few tricks you can easily rekindle the spark of romance in your relationship. You just need to understand each other’s needs and love them unconditionally.

dating advice -  be playful. Sexy couple next to Christmas tree following dating advice for men

Being seductive is not just about taking off your clothes and presenting yourself naked, it is about how you make others feel and keep your relationship interesting. With the passing years, a couple starts taking each other for granted and this is why they lose all their love and passion.

The art of seduction cannot be learned, it can only be mastered through acts and tricks that you may learn on your way to making your relationship interesting.

dating advice for men- being soft. couple hugging

Give importance to your partner, love them with passion and make sure you keep the element of surprise alive is always a good dating advice for men. Never tell everything about yourself so that your partner may spend all of their time in guessing the true colors and aspects of your personality.

These are the few dating advices that can help you in keeping the charm intact in your relationship. Just remember, initiate when it comes down to having a romantic life and surprise you partners with your words.

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