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From Entrepreneur To Actor: Stephen’s Dramatic Life

See Stephen in his latest movies ‘Jurassic Valley’ (2022) as Dean and ‘Crocodile Vengeance’ (2022) as Ben.


It’s 10am on the day the premier of his latest film ‘Honey Trap’: Stephen is not a minute late. “I’m busy but flexible”, he smiles. Busy would be an understatement. In the last 3 years, Stephen has appeared in more than 20 films as an actor, or as director during post-production. But he does not brag, he his and remains modest. He tells us matter-of-factly that he is actually an entrepreneur. Finding opportunities and possibilities are in his blood. And he’s one who must know that.


Stephen only started acting in 2019; and was able to establish himself immediately. He already appeared in movies like Dinosaur Hotel, The Leprechaun’s Curse or Matopulas. Some are yet to be coming out in 2022 like Shockwaves, The Viking Revenge, Jurassic Valley or Crocodile Vengeance.


Stephen got into acting more out on a whim than a seriously planned career step. He’s an entrepreneur, owns his own company but wanted to do something else. Nevertheless, he managed to become successful right away. During our interview reasons become glass clear. Once he made up his mind, he puts all his passion and determination in it. Success in Showbusiness is not something that Stephen wants to leave to chance. He got involved being a professional model for a short time. The experience gained there, helped him to score later.


When asked about having second guesses, he answers very relatable:


“Of course I had skeptical moments. When I went to my first castings, I thought to myself: Why are you actually taking this on? On the rational side, though, I am very determined; I really wanted to prove that I could be an actor. In the end, it worked out.”

Stephen has always been passionate, determined, and focused. He founded GameSeek in the 2000s, the UK’s largest independent chain of game stores. The chain quickly grew to over 1000 stores. Even though Stephen prefers acting today, his entrepreneurial spirit is what made him so successful.


“I know I still have a lot to learn. I’m not one of the greatest actors today, but I will be there in 5-6 years. Professionally, I see myself as a successful actor and producer. But I’m not just the hyper-occupied guy who shuttles between movie sets and his own company. For privately important things – like dating – I like to change my schedule.”

And that’s true. Stephen is actively looking for a like-minded wonderful partner. Distance is no barrier for him. He describes his ideal match as a person who has own plans for herself. Someone who can promote herself and her career. A woman who is open-minded, like Stephen, constantly self-developing. Other than that, it’s hard for him to describe the woman of his dreams. “In the end, it’s just the connection”, he laughs.

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