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Investment Banker Laow Striving For The Best

Laow, an Investment Banker for a global bank in London who is using Luxy for his downtime. Laow is usually busy with work and his long hours don’t leave him with much free time. Co-workers, recommended Luxy to him as a place to relax and meet new people.

Even being on a busy schedule, Laow is a laid-back person who is not shy or scared to socialize. He values great company and is drawn to high-value individuals who share his positive mindset. Although he loves to travel, his work often requires him to be available for constant monitoring and instant reactions. But when he does get the chance to travel, he enjoys sharing those experiences with loved ones over dinner and other outings.

“My ideal partner is someone with an athletic shape and a heart of gold. I remain optimistic and hopeful that he will find someone who shares a connection with me. My social circle is quite chilled, very positive-minded, so if you have that same attitude, you’ll fit right in.”


Laow chose Luxy because he wanted to be on a platform where he could meet serious-minded individuals like himself. After ups and downs, especially in 2019, he’s content with his life now.

“If you’re looking for a laid-back, positive, and successful partner who values great company and travel, then don’t be shy and send me a message!”

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