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 ICU Doctor & Investor Federico

Federico is not your average doctor. As an ICU doctor, he is responsible for the sickest patients in the hospital, those who require the most intense and complex care, often hover between life and death. It is a challenging job that requires incredible skill and expertise, and Federico is more than up to the task.

Over the years, Federico has developed his own system of working smarter, not harder.

“Years ago, I turned my life around, organizing and managing work more professionally. Now, I work less hours and earn more. The extra time gained, no one can already take that away from me.”

His flexibility allows him to balance his professional obligations with his personal life.


He has a passion for investing in real estate, and he has turned that passion into a lucrative side hustle. He buys apartments, collects rental income, and then sells them. With numerous apartments in his portfolio, his investment strategy is working well to his advantage.


Despite the demands of his profession, Federico has found a way to balance work and life. Staying in shape is also important to Federico, and he makes it a priority in his life. He has a personal trainer who helps him stay fit, and he works out regularly. His commitment to his health is evident in his toned physique, which he maintains with a combination of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

He’s also an accomplished pianist and loves to play on his Steinway, whenever he needs a break. His dedication to his passions is awe-inspiring, as he trained for a long time to master the piano and pull through the challenges that came his way.

“I am grateful for the blessings in my life, including all abilities to pursue my passions.”

Despite his busy schedule, Federico manages to find time to travel every other month.


“When it comes to dating, I am quite selective. I know what I want in a partner and am looking for someone who shares my values and interests.

Generally, I am attracted to women who are physically fit and who enjoy working out. Someone who has done and achieved something, whether it be in business or academia would be perfect.”

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