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Benjamin About Life’s Greatest Gifts

“I am not in a rush to have more, but I am open to the idea of creating life with my future partner.”


Benjamin has managed to create a balanced and harmonious life for himself, where he makes time to enjoy the best things life has to offer. He’s looking for someone who shares his values and who appreciates the simple pleasures of life, such as time, love, joy, and experiences.


As an entrepreneur, he is always looking for new opportunities and challenges. He has a keen eye for business and founded several successful companies over the years. His work has given him the freedom to pursue his passions and spend time with his loved ones.


One of his greatest early achievements was supporting his partner at the time through her journey at Yale SOM, traveling the world, and retiring at the young age of 32.

After a short time of traveling and exploring different parts of the world, he reestablished his company and found several others, capitalizing on his new direction.

“Now, I have found my new home on an island close to Nantucket in Rhode Island. Living in such a peaceful and serene environment has allowed me to connect with myself and nature on a deeper level. The island is located in close proximity to Boston and New York, making it easy for me to travel and explore new places.”


While Benjamin is put off by those who request directly to be showered in gifts and luxury, he takes great pleasure in fulfilling my partner’s deepest desires, no matter how outlandish they may seem:

“My ideal type ranges considerably in terms of physical appearance. Though I am obviously looking for someone that I’m so attracted to that she has me jumping out of bed excited to meet each day. I also am very open to all backgrounds, races, cultures, and locations in the world. Having visited many countries it’s hard to pick a favorite. If I had to put my type into a few simple words I would describe her as a ‘Kind, Considerate, Loving, Passionate, Beautiful Woman’ that loves life and is as excited about meeting someone special as she is about the life that she has built for herself.”


“As a humble grounded man I thoroughly enjoy being connected to all walks of life. I’m just as comfortable on my knees in the dirt serving others as I am rubbing shoulders with the worlds wealthiest people for cocktail hour. Though I don’t drink I would never want my partner to forego a good glass of wine with a five star dinner. My partner could be the poorest person or the wealthiest. I’ve known both. Wealth and class are not as important as strength of character. Wealth nor looks are a substitute for strength of character.”



“Despite all of my accomplishments, there is still one missing piece in my life – a life partner. I am excited to see who I will meet on this journey and to create new memories and experiences together.


I’m happy with my two children so I’m not rushed to have more but I am absolutely ready to create life with my future life partner. Overall, I am a person who values authenticity, kindness, and integrity. I believe that life is an adventure, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”


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