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Chevalier Of The Ocean: Karl

Independency. Karl takes this concept to a new level. He spends most of the year on his own yacht in the Mediterranean where he lives on a small island in Italy. With this, he has realized what many dream of: Setting sails, visiting places spontaneously just according to the daily mood.


This is made possible by his job, which allows him to work remotely. If he does not advice the management of an IT corporation on important issues, he enjoys the Mediterranean ocean from his boat. Perhaps both are possible since the environment literally invites you to “think beyond the horizon”.

karl on sea

Karl surprises us at Luxy in many ways, being an interesting soul and gentleman all to the core. Despite being from Munich where he still goes every so often, he speaks with a clear British accent. He visits all kinds of local festivals, from newcomers in the music scene to new art shows or well-known artists. One of his many gifts is that he’s really good at cooking. Having amazing food on a yacht while watching the sound go down. What do you need more in life?

For Karl, one thing is missing…

“I’m looking for a woman who wants to join me and share the beauty of life and upcoming adventure A woman who is on the same level and has the same understanding of the word ‘serious’ when it comes to relationship.”

When it comes to dating, Karl takes a relaxed approach. He actively approaches interesting people since he genuinely has an interest in other people’s life, finding out and learning new things. But if something out of it will develop, conversations will show. Being an elegant but sportive-casual man, Karl is very thoughtful and selective in selecting a partner.


“I’m a good listener but I also want my match to tell me things I don’t know”, he makes clear. “We should support each other but both growing our horizon, trying new things. I want to find a woman with the same independency, education, maturity and intellect.”

Karl knows that this is not an easy task since since he has quite of an independent lifestyle. Therefore, his match needs to be flexible and able to arrange or adopt to such a lifestyle on a smaller island in Italy, on a boat, on the ocean.

“My standards for my dream partner lie in the terms of independence, intelligence and successfully have gone through life. I am very attracted to successful women By that I mean a person who has successfully gone through life, achieved something and improved herself. That’s what I am looking for”.

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