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High-Achiever Hira Who Loves Everything Exclusive

Enjoying the art gallery, then go drifting with her! Hira’s got it all. She constantly jets between Miami and her second home, managing the balancing act of working in healthcare and being a social media influencer. Why not in a relationship? “I don’t want to rush things. Being selective is alright. I want to make sure they are really a match.”

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Hira, why did you not settle?

I believe my career and social circle has influenced my standards when picking a partner as I work in healthcare. I am surrounded by successful, intelligent and also good looking people.

I consider myself extremely selective. But I believe the main cause of me being single is that I have been so occupied with work and life, I haven’t set aside time to actually let love find me, which I have changed and do have time for now.


Tell us more about yourself, how do you keep yourself occupied?

I am jetting bi-weekly between the Midwest and Miami. So, I’m getting the best of both! In my free time, I enjoy going to art galleries. I love abstract art, especially Jackson Pollock.


Having a degree in healthcare, I created an audit system to provide more substantial and better care to patients. It makes it easier for the respective healthcare units. Currently, I want to establish this system more and more across the US.


What should your ideal partner be like?

He should be both intelligent and attract me physically. I want a partner, not hooking up. If he’s the one, time will show. I like to take it slower. Usually, I prefer chatting and talking before meeting in person. But, as often, only meeting in person really shows if he can be the one. I want to feel the chemistry in interesting conversations.

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