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Dating Wrapped 2023 – Luxy

As first dating app, Luxy is turning up the volume and launching its new feature that has everyone of its user talking about it: Inspired by Luxy’s own trending videos as well as popular #datingwrapped2023 videos on TikTok, LuxyWrapped is the ultimate event that gets its users to reflect on their 2023 dating journey by unveiling their hidden facts of online dating.

For many singles on Luxy dating in 2023 was by no means just a walk in the park. LuxyWrapped is your guide that brings light through the past dating year, unveiling the raw, unfiltered facts behind your dating endeavors. Swiping, messaging, vibing, discovering red flags or finding that hidden gem. It’s a long way from a message online to the perfect date. But did you actually know how much time you invested looking for love? LuxyWrapped will disclose if it’s been like a short nap while listening to your favorite music, or sailing from Europe to the US.  

Just like these, the feature is full of illustrated facts, ready to share by users. Ever wondered what your exact dating standards are? Discover your pickiness level, if you’re swiping right only once every blue moon or what your subconscious criteria are that influence your dating decisions. LuxyWrapped has all the hidden patterns that shape your romantic preferences ready.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, LuxyWrapped event is set to become even more popular among its users:

“Understanding hard efforts individuals are taking, we want to provide them with a tool that illustrates their dating journey, to encourage singles on Luxy to reflect on their dating behavior and preferences. Especially around February 14, singles ponder the question of their perfect match or why they are single. LuxyWrapped is like their guardian that leads them through the journey of finding their perfect match with better accuracy.”
Tim T.
Founder of Luxy

LuxyWrapped is not just a feature, it’s a chatty event that sparks conversations and brings them closer to making the perfect match. It’s time to celebrate your dating journey, embrace the lessons learned, and be lead with what truly ignites your heart.

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