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How to Navigate a Breakup and Come Out Stronger

Navigating a breakup is never easy. Usually, there are one of two outcomes: one comes out worse, or one comes out stronger. This article explores how to navigate a breakup and come out stronger.

1. Let Yourself Grief

A lot of people think that expressing or accepting hurt is being weak. But it is not. It is not strength to deny yourself the goodness that comes with accepting and learning from your hurt. 

Hurt is needed if any kind of healing is to take place. Even physical injuries hurt us, so we can avoid repeatedly injuring the already injured area. 

Letting yourself grieve is one of the ways to get over a breakup quickly. Depending on how back the breakup was, you will go through different stages of grief. 

At first, it is usually denial, and then anger, and then acceptance. Allow yourself to grieve. Do not fight. 

2. Don’t Neglect Your Body

If your breakup is quite a bad one, you may feel so weakened by it that going on with your normal life becomes a struggle. I have known people whose breakups made it hard for them even to eat. That is how powerful sadness can be.

But the good news is that you are strong, and I mean much stronger than you like to give yourself credit for. You can wade through even the most negative emotions and find the strength to take care of yourself. 

During the course of your recovery, eat well. Don’t give in to the temptation to eat compulsively. Eat foods rich in minerals that you need. 

Also, give quite the time to exercise. 

Bodily exercise is able to release biological substances called endorphins. These substances can help you feel a lot better.

3. Don’t Focus So Much on What You Could Have Done to Make It Work

During the denial phase of a breakup, we are usually overwhelmed by what we could have done to make things work. We sit on a couch or lie in bed and swipe through pictures of when we used to be happy with our exes. 

While this can help some people navigate a breakup and come out stronger, it can also make things quite difficult for you, keeping you from coming to fully accept that things are done completely. 

If it helps you, you may want to delete pictures of you both together. This is not to suggest that you should make your ex an enemy. By all means, don’t.

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4. Go Out More

Going out can surely help you navigate a breakup. I have noticed that we feel most burdened by grief and loss when we are alone and idle. 

Going out reduces our idle time. It gives us some time to enjoy ourselves and, of course, get used to our own company. 

During a relationship, we spend quite a considerable amount of time with someone else, almost forgetting what it means to spend time with oneself. 

Spending time with yourself, going out on travels, etc., will help you love your own company more. 

5. Talk to Safe Persons

Sometimes, you will just have to speak to someone about how you feel. Don’t just speak to anyone. Speak to safe persons. 

The concept of safe persons is discussed in detail in the book, No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover. Safe persons make it easy for you to understand even your own feelings. 

Sometimes, we may not understand what we are feeling until we talk about them.

Do not succumb to the temptation of going on social media to rant about your feelings. It almost never helps. 

6. Invest Time in a Hobby

A hobby is an activity you love to do. Many times, doing it comes with a feeling of ease. Hobbies make us feel eased. You should invest time in your hobby. 

What is the one thing you do that makes you feel happy? Spend some time doing that activity. If it is reading, then read more. If it is writing, write more. If it is exercising, you should exercise more. 

Whether or not writing is your hobby, writing can help you navigate your own feelings.

7. Have Honest Conversations with Yourself

The goal is to navigate a breakup and come out stronger. Stronger means happier. It means more success. It means an increase in the strength of character. 

It means being you. 

You will not be all of these if you do not have those hard but very necessary and helpful conversations with yourself. 

Tell yourself the truth. Be honest about how the breakup has affected you. Acknowledge that you are at a crossroads and that your next move is one that will make you stronger. 

8. Review Your Goals

When we are in a relationship, a lot of our choices and actions revolve around our partners. When they cease to be our partners, it is only right that we make amends to these goals. 

Your goals should be honest answers to some hard questions written in a journal: 

  • Do I want to find love again? 
  • What would I do about my career? 
  • What do I want from school? 

A review of your goals and plans, if done right, can surely motivate you to go out there and be the best version of yourself. There are at least a thousand stories about people who went on to change their lives shortly after a breakup. 

9. Be Patient With Yourself

Everything may not get back to being what it used to be overnight. This is where patience comes in. Your new life goals may be hard and seemingly impossible. Just give it time. It is always worth it in the end. 

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