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Rich Dating: What it’s Really Like to Date a Millionaire

We all want to know what it’s really like when dating a millionaire… Appreciating the finer things in life isn’t a crime. We’re all looking for the best of the best and when it comes to finding a partner, there are no exceptions.

Dating a Millionaire: Where to Find One

Luxy – Upscale Dating accommodates exclusively for the elite and wealthy singles within society. To experience living the luxurious lifestyle of Luxy millionaires, we have gathered information about what its really like to date a millionaire. Why? To gain an insight into what we could be experiencing ourselves when signing up to Luxy…

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1. Luxury Dates

Splashing the cash here and there is harmless and let’s be honest, when it comes to dating, necessary. Rule number one when trying to impress your date is making a great first impression. Unconsciously, we all make instant judgements of people based on their appearance and how they present themselves. Turning up to a fancy dinner date in jeans rather than trousers can be a deal-breaker here guys, take notes.

With a millionaire, dating is a completely different ballgame. Everything you think you know about dating is still true but now the pressure is escalated. Be sure to expect luxury restaurants with 5-star ratings, don’t worry, you’ll be able to skip the queue with a sly slip of a $100 bill. Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for any situation. Always pack an overnight bag and your passport, just to be sure – rich men and women like to surprise you with their wealth.

Spontaneity is a trait of many millionaires due to the fluidity of their lifestyle. Their schedules tend to be based on their own terms and their own time so you must be flexible when it comes to dating rich individuals. Remember, their luxury date might vary drastically from your ideal ‘dinner – movie – bed’ scenario. Skydiving, helicopter rides, shopping dates, all fall under the ‘millionaire date ideas’ category.

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2. Unquestionable Generosity

A rich man might not think anything of treating his other half to an expensive watch that he could buy ten times over without noticing the money being taken out of his account. A rich woman probably wouldn’t even look at the price tag before purchasing the jacket you have been dreaming about since forever. These acts of kindness that seem so worldly to you are just another quick purchase for millionaires. Don’t let their casual generosity take you by surprise, it’s of our understanding that they go a million steps further on special occasions – “did I mention it was my birthday soon?”.

Tipping the bartender on the private yacht your millionaire partner rented for your one-month anniversary will not be an issue. Millionaires set the bar for premium tipping almost immediately. Their generosity towards staff can be immense due to the opposing relationship dynamic between the two different lifestyles they’re living. Dating a rich man or a rich woman will change your outlook on how society functions, making you appreciate what you have rather than being envious of what you don’t have.

To be generous is to be kind.

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3. Lack of Control

However, dating a millionaire is not all fast cars and flashy shoes, even though it is… Rich men and women tend to possess all the power in the relationship. It can become a challenge to gain any sense of independence or control after becoming so unintentionally reliable on your other half. Establishing a balance between allowing yourself to be ‘taken care of’ and taking care of yourself comes to be a task of great difficulty in this situation.

Initially, being caught up in the whirlwind that is a millionaire lifestyle can be overwhelmingly gratifying. A luxury lifestyle tends to be an ideology so out of reach from the majority of individuals so stumbling into a millionaire’s life can feel like winning the lottery. Literally. As a result, your individuality and independence could be at risk of loss, so consider setting boundaries when establishing a relationship.

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4. Inadequacy

Millionaires have the ability to acquire a lot of power over things, situations and people, even if its unintentional. This type of behaviour can be charismatic and compelling but could potentially be damaging to others self-esteem. Inadequacy is a common tendency for one to feel when dating a millionaire as its nearly impossible to compare to the luxury life that rich individuals lead. The key is not to compare yourself to your wealthy other half – it’s easier said than done, I know. But on a logical level, comparing these two different lives provides no viable information that would benefit either party.

Rich men and women might not suffer from the same insecurities that less well-off individuals do. This isn’t to say millionaires don’t understand others worries and concerns surrounding money and life choices. But the difference in situation can have a negative impact on how the other individual feels towards themselves. It is important to communicate with your partner and voice any worries you have surrounding feelings of inadequacy so that you can work through them together.

Dating a Millionaire

The dating scene within wealthy, upper-class society can be extremely complicated as riches heighten the dynamic of every relationship with millionaires. Trustworthiness, legitimacy and authenticity become attributes within a person’s character that cannot be overseen or questioned by those with money. When dating anyone, it is important to be respectful of their boundaries as unknown territory exists when dating people of any background. After all, millionaires are just normal people. Money doesn’t change the fact that we are all equal individuals who live entirely different lives within the same world. So, respecting the differences between the social brackets within society allows positive relationships to be built with all different kinds of people.

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