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Creating An Online Dating Bio: Stand Out From The Crowd

Your online dating bio acts as a virtual public display of your character, so the finer details matter. With Luxy’s top tips on how to create a successful bio you will have no trouble when finding the right words to impress. Luxy will provide you with exclusive top bio tips and useful examples of what to write and what NOT to write on your online dating profile. Just follow Luxy’s dating advice and create your successful online dating bio today!

1. Take Your Time

All good things take time. Rushing your online dating profile is not something that should be taken lightly as setting your digital footprint online is irreversible. Creating your online profile is a task that requires you to establish all of your best traits and merge them into a memorable bio. Exaggerate your more interesting characteristics to portray your identity in an enticing way. Consider what might attract you to someone’s profile and work that idea into your own. Familiarising yourself with other online dating profiles and gathering some ideas will come in very useful when constructing your own dating profile. Try creating a swipe YES list and a swipe NO list, this will provide you with a visual idea of what you want to include in your bio and in what style you want to write it.

2. Length Matters

Short and sweet is the key. Writing your online dating bio is essentially a chance to optimally present yourself in a savvy way through a few sentences and perhaps a couple of emojis 😉. A research study was conducted amongst Luxy users and revealed that those who leave the ‘About Me’ and ‘About My Match’ sections incomplete are 60% less likely to find a match. It is important to find the balance between writing enough but not overshooting the mark of writing too much. Your potential match isn’t going to read an essay about why they should choose you. In reality, they will read the first few sentences and decide whether to swipe left or right, tap like or dislike or instantly message you confessing their undying love for you. Three clear sentences should do the trick in this situation.

‘About Me’ and ‘About My Match’ section on the Luxy profile page

On a quick side note – Luxy also offers users the option to add ‘tags’ to your profile. This is essentially like attaching a list of your ‘likes’ and displaying them on your profile in order for others to get to know you better and see whether you have anything in common.

3. Tell Me More

Condensing your personality into three sentences can be a difficult task, so consider portraying your character through your profile photos as well. Be sure to list your some of your preferences, hobbies and aspirations in your online dating bio to attract like-minded matches. The more information you convey in your bio, the easier it will be for potential matches to find a connection and spark up a conversation with you.

4. Are You Legit?

Acting with self-confidence when creating your online dating bio is essential. But be careful not to come across too modest and exude arrogance as this will not attract new matches. Honesty is imperative when it comes to online dating. You don’t want your matches questioning you on your significant ability to water-ski when in reality, you’ve tried it once and spent more time underwater than over it. You may think exaggerating a few of your hobbies and talents can be harmless but when it comes to online dating, legitimacy and authenticity is valued more than anything.

5. Why So Serious?

With a verbal wink embedded into your bio, you can assure a humorous impression will have the desired effect. Merging humour and intelligence into your online dating profile will appeal to potential matches as it demonstrates your ability to make people laugh while also being  your charisma. Avoid including any deep personal information that adds a sense of complexity to your life as this can be off-putting if shared too soon. Be sure to keep your bio light-hearted and open-ended as this will leave users curious and wanting to know more about you.

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Bio Examples

For future reference, these examples DO NOT work. Avoid at all costs.

  • “I don’t know what to write here” – This is unimaginative and does not provoke any kind of response from potential matches.
  • “If you want to know me, just message me” – Without any of your personal information, users will have no reason to message you.
  • “I’m lonely, please talk to me” – This type of oversharing will scare potential matches away rather than attracting them to your profile.

Learn from your mistakes, maybe try out one of these ideas. 

  • “I love rom-com movies, which one is your favourite?” – Providing information about yourself while also questioning others will ignite a response.
  • “I’m an adventurous soul with a severe case of the travel bug” – Establishing a part of your personality and adding humour will create a connection to others who can relate.
  • “Likes: eating out and drinking wine, Dislikes: going shopping and sea food” – Clearly outlining your likes and dislikes cuts to the chase and could find you a match quicker.

Even though writing an online dating bio can be a challenge for some, it’s a unique opportunity to digitalize your personality and make a good fist impression. As long as you don’t burden users with the ins and outs of your life and instead pay attention to detail about the interesting aspects of your personality, Luxy is sure you’ll find a match in no time. Luxy’s profile tips can provide you with the advice you need to create a successful dating profile bio and prove that it’s well worth the effort. Sign up to Luxy today and create a successful profile today by using these tips!

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