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Female Erogenous Zones: How To Satisfy Your Partner

Luxy and Hello Rory have teamed up to bring you some top tips on how to successfully stimulate female erogenous zones, it even features a map! Luxy has condensed this information into ideas to offer you a refined version of the necessary tips and tricks needed to ultimately satisfy your partners erogenous zones.

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Look no further, this guide to female erogenous zones will have your partner weak at the knees… Literally. We’re all aware of the obvious pleasure areas that require our main attention, but do you know of any unique, highly erogenous pleasure zones too? Properly stimulating and paying attention to these unique spots could give your sex life that extra bit of excitement that you might not even know you’re missing. These Luxy tips will have you asking: Why did I not know this sooner?

Where Are The Erogenous Zones?

From the women’s health experts at Rory, take a look at this ‘female erogenous zones’ map for stimulation tips and tricks.

Female Erogenous Zones

Firstly, to answer your question; what is an erogenous zone? The erogenous zone refers to a sensitive area on the body that causes sexual arousal when it is touched. These specific areas of the body have heightened sensitivity that can produce a sexual response when stimulated which stems from concentrations of nerve endings in these areas. These could potentially be on any part of the body depending on the individual’s unique likes and dislikes but ultimately refer to the nipples, clitoris and G-spot as well as the ears, neck, lower back and many more.

This piece was inspired by the blog post ‘Sex: Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them’ on Hello Rory. Hello Rory’s women’s health experts outlined the Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones for Women for those of you who want to improve your sex life and successfully stimulate your other half.

Couple whispering in bed

Here are a few ideas for you Luxyers…

1. Ears

Did you know that each ear consists of hundreds of sensory receptors? This makes them extremely sensitive which means a gentle touch will stimulate the skin on the outside of the ears, while a kiss and nibble of the earlobes will also have the desired effect. The face-to-ear closeness that this technique requires will initiate stimulation so don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to lightly whisper sweet nothings into her ear as well…

2. Neck

Depending on positioning, you can focus on specific areas of the neck and throat by exploring different angles which is a very popular way to stimulate your partner. Either with the touch of your lips or a gentle caress with your fingers, paying attention to her neck can create an incredible sensation. Take your time to run your fingers gently down the back of the neck while kissing the throat and making your way to their ears – merging these practices together will generate a greater stimulation response.

3. Lower Back

The lower back can be stimulated by some playful tickling and touching or forceful pressure application. The nerve endings in this area are connected to your pelvis which makes this region very sensitive to stimulation. This sensory play can be appealing to women as you can control the direction of their movements towards you which creates a greater level of intimacy.

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It’s Written in the Stars

Luxy has the ability to make matches based on the lifestyle compatibility of elite-quality singles so reading up on these dating advice blogs will enhance your experience of Luxy by ensuring you are up-to-date on the latest tips. Now that the basics have been covered, its time to delve a little deeper and introduce some of the other highly erogenous zones for women…

1. Armpits

You’re probably thinking ‘surely not? The armpits!’ but its true! The armpits are an incredibly sensitive area of the body which is why we are so responsive when being tickled here. Stimulating this area with a light brush of the fingertips, slowly accelerating into brisker motions can result in sexual arousal, even if you do have to get over the giggling first!

2. Knees

Stroking, tickling or lightly caressing the back of the knees will stimulate the nerve endings and arouse your partner too. This can also encourage her to wrap her legs around you, closing any space between you and increasing the level of intimacy. By massaging her legs and paying attention to this area, you can control the placement and movement of your partner too.

3. Scalp

Asking your partner to play with your hair is a common occurrence in a relationship, right ladies? The reason this feels so satisfying is due the amount of nerve endings that lie within this area. It is important to make use of all the erogenous zones for ultimate stimulation, so consider running your fingertips through your partners hair while passionately kissing her. Focusing your lips on her neck while doing this will also result in satisfying stimulation.

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Experimenting with these different erogenous zones will ultimately improve your sex life and ensure sex is more pleasurable for both you and your partner! Paying attention to detail and giving her that ‘goose-bump’ feeling when stimulating these areas is sure to boost your sex life and create a deeper level of intimacy between you and your partner. This will benefit those of you who use Luxy as you can create an instant connection with potential partners and matches.

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