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Are you fed up with all your friends having a date for the evening, and you still are looking for someone to go out with? Does it bother you as they take sidelong glances at your singlehood, and you feel increasingly left out?

Have you checked out the singles scene lately? Finding a good date is getting more challenging by the day, and a perfect match seems a myth, like unicorns, fit only for dreamy contemplation.

If you answer these with a nod, then be depressed no more: It’s time to cheer up. A solution for your sorry state of affairs is at hand.

Speed dating nearby


What is the first thing you know about speed dating? It is a social event where a group of men and women gather together to check out compatibility of each other as dating material. As you get to meet a lot of potential partners, the probability of finding a date gets higher as you roam around chatting up the people assembled. If this idea seems fun to you, you may then be asking yourself – “what are my options if I want to check out speed dating near me now”. Well, you are in luck if you have the Luxy app installed in your smartphone.

Luxy – selective dating for successful & atrractive singles
But before you get too excited about finding a match for yourself tonight, take a pause. Luxy is not for everyone. To weed out bogus profiles and people trying to hook up without being serious about it, Luxy has a very strict membership policy. The advantage of such a premium mainstream dating app is that once you are accepted as a member, the chances of getting a perfect match suiting your preferences and social circle becomes astronomically high.
Luxy BLACK discovery more features

If you are a Luxy app member, then you may consider trying the exclusive subscription Luxy BLACK. So, ask yourself “what is the scene of speed dating near me tonight”, and behold. Luxy lets you browse through the profiles of some of the wealthiest men and prettiest women nearby with assurances of anonymity for yourself. If you like what you see, get to the event and find like-minded people mingling together to find a date in a luxurious setting, just as you have been looking for.

How to make speed dating a successful endeavor

To make speed dating a successful endeavor, there are a few tips and tricks you need to keep in mind. As everyone in the gathering is rich, successful, smart and pretty, you must set yourself apart to find a successful match, and not end up lonely, the same as you went in.

  • It may well be a speed dating event, but you are among the elite successful singles. So, never forget to dress to impress. You never know that among the people you will meet and talk with, your future partner may also be there. And who can deny the charm of a first impression that an impeccable evening dress may create?
  • Punctuality may not sound like so but is romantic nonetheless. Luxy-sponsored speed dating events are full of people who make the adage “time is money” seem coined just for them. It is indeed a social event to let your hair down, but if you are a latecomer you can upset the dynamics of speed dating that the others are comfortable with. So, being on time is something not to take lightly when you go speed dating.
  • Sometimes people forget that the terminology is as much about dating as it is about speed. So, what if you have to meet with multiple potential matches within a short period? You can never hurry up a meeting with a possible partner, or think a conversation of substance can be postponed till a full-fledged date is obtained. Make every conversation count like it is a regular date. Know that how you come across even during a short conversation will help others to evaluate you as a possible match, and first impressions last long.
  • A tip to remember while going on speed dating is to have fun. There is nothing to be embarrassed or intimidated about. The same loneliness that plagues you is also the problem these amazingly successful, breathtakingly beautiful, wonderfully smart and incredibly rich folks are facing. You are all on the same boat, so relax and move around getting to know all these people gathered together to find a date just like you. Keep a mental note whom you like, and maybe the two of you can get together later.
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So why are you still languishing in your lonely corner? Stop asking “where are all the dating events near me”, and start your Luxy app on your mobile now. With a busy schedule plaguing us day in day out, maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become a serious challenge. It is no wonder that so many of us, not blessed by a long-term relationship, find it difficult to get a date, because where do you meet new people to ask for going out? Luxy is the answer, and speed dating is the right step towards finding a partner, a match made perfect for you.

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