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The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Virtual Date

Let’s face it, preparing for a virtual date can in many cases be scarier than meeting someone in person. Aside from ensuring your technology works correctly, and feeling like you have to clean up your video conferencing space, getting to know someone over a virtual chat is all in all, uncomfortable. If you add in the extra factor of feeling unsure of what to wear, the entire process can feel overwhelming before it even begins. The good news is, you’re not alone in your uncertainty, and virtual dates can actually end up being a truly enjoyable experience for both parties if you have a solid plan. The best place to begin is by nailing down what you plan on wearing. Listed below to help you choose the perfect look are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind when dressing for your next virtual date.

Don’t Overthink It

Before you completely tear apart your closet in search of something to wear, remember not to overthink things. Whether this is your first date with someone you’ve been chatting with or it’s your first video date with a long-term partner, choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. Even if you land on a top that you’ve worn a hundred times, what truly matters is that you feel good in it.

If after you’ve gone through your wardrobe you still find nothing you truly are excited about, don’t shy away from treating yourself to a new look. You’ve probably saved on purchasing new outfits because there aren’t a lot of places open to wear them currently, and if this is the case, now is the perfect time to splurge. Take the plunge and wear fashionable boutique dresses or try your hand at thrifting a vintage look to save some cash and still feel stylish.

Do Create a Mood Board

Have you taken notice of your favorite styles on Instagram or Pinterest? If you can’t seem to find anything in your closet, and you don’t know where to start online, creating a mood board is a great way to nail down the perfect look for your date. Start by adding a new board to your Pinterest account or by creating a private instagram account where you can keep track of the looks you like in the app. As you add new styles you enjoy, go back through your list to identify what each style might have in common. You might notice that many of the styles you saved incorporate accessories such as a simple necklace into the look, or maybe you’re able to identify a common color scheme or fabric pattern. Whatever consistencies you may find, use them to curate your outfit!

Use your mood board to lock down a final outfit that makes you feel excited and prepared for your date, and then determine how you can make your look comfortable and camera ready.

Figuring out what to wear

Do Prioritize Comfort

As is the case for most killer outfits, it’s likely missing an aspect that still allows you to feel comfortable. Depending on how long you anticipate your virtual date to last, you should always factor in something to make you feel at ease, especially if you’re sitting at a desk for multiple hours. Make sure you test out how your look changes as you sit down in front of the camera. There’s no shame in adding a pillow to your desk chair to sit on, or altering part of your outfit should you realize that it’s not meant to be worn sitting down. No matter what look you decide to rock, you’ll want to be wearing something that puts you at ease, so opt for a pair of soft and supportive underwear rather than something that will make you distracted or uncomfortable. More often than not, what you have on under your outfit will make all the difference in your outward-facing comfort level and confidence.

Do a Trial Run

Finally, once your entire outfit has been curated, do a trial run in front of the camera you plan on using. Take note of how your look changes as you sit down, and identify which camera angles make you feel best. Beyond this, you should also consider the lighting around your space, and how your makeup may change on camera should you plan on wearing any. Testing how you’ll look once the date begins is the perfect way to determine any style wildcards that may be affected by the camera, keeping you feeling poised and prepared to meet with your love interest.

While a virtual date might not have been your first choice for connecting with someone, you can still mimic the feel of an in-person date by having fun with your style choices and ideas. In many ways, dating from the comfort of your own home can put you more at ease and give you confidence you didn’t know was there.

Prepared for comfortable video date

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