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Are you up for the challenge from millionaire dating app Luxy?

Millionaires dating party

To celebrate millioniare dating app Luxy’s 5th anniversary, we host this exciting social media challenge – The #LuxyLuxuriesChallenge!

In its own way, Luxy has matched countless millionaires since 2013. Now, all Luxyers on Luxy are given the chance to show their lavish life to the public, as a fantastic way of celebrating our 5th birthday!

Are you ready for the love game right now?

Millionaire Dating Event – The Luxy Luxuries Challenge

Imagine while you are lying lazily on your high-grade mattress, and the light is great. With the gentle music playing on, you record this peaceful moment and post it on the internet. Two days later, you might be on the way of an enthralling trip with your carzy lover. Sounds unbelievable right? Millionaire dating app Luxy will make it come true.

No matter where are you from, what language do you speak, as long as you consider yourself as a wealthy talent, you are welcome to take this challenge. Here is the key to the world of money:

  •  Take a photo/video of yourself holding your most valued or luxurious possession
  •  Post it on your public social media channels with the #LuxyLuxuriesChallenge
  •  Nominate two other people to take part in this Luxy challenge!

All the participants are verified to be Real Rich

“Are they as rich as they said on their profile?”

You might have the same question in your mind when using some so called millionaire dating apps. While on Luxy, we’d simply assure you a genuine luxury community. Getting Luxy’s active users involved in this #Luxyuxureschallenge, it’s our pleasure to show you how do our members live their wonderful lives.

Although #LuxyLuxureschallenge is an public activity, millioniare dating app Luxy still does its best to garantee the privacy and safty of evey participants.

You may heard about the story of SoHo Grifter, Anna Delvey, a stumbled Russian girl pretended herself as a wealthy German heiress on instagram, got acquainted with upper class rich singles step by step. While millionaire dating app Luxy, will simply not allow that to happen in the community.

Luxy proceeds a strict income verification of Real Rich, assuring the rich talents could match their like-minded partner on Luxy. In #LuxyLuxuriesChallenge, they’re posting more than just luxuries, while something that they cherish the most.

Sounds not bad? Take the challenge right now!

As a rich men & women dating site, Luxy always encourages Luxyers to show everyone their exciting life. So do not hesitate to join this online rich singles carnival. Take a photo of you with your most valued item, nominate your friends to enjoy the online love hunting together!

Remeber the code: #LuxyLuxuriesChallenge!

Good luck! And here is our previous article about what it’s like to date a millionaire.

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