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First Date Tips: The Best 10 Tips For A Successful First Date

Andrea Piacquadio (@andreapiacquadio_)

So, you are nervous about that big night coming up? Never been on a first date before? Does the thought of your last first date fill you with dread? Well, I’ve got some tips for first dates to ease your worries and maybe make that first date successful.

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#1 Be yourself.

Seems obvious I know, but it is the key to successful dating. Why start a new relationship without being authentic?

#2 Go into it not expecting too much.

Avoid putting pressure on the date. Go into it expecting to have fun and to meet someone new. See where it goes from there.  

cottonbros (@cottonbros)

#3 Make a strong first impression.

Be yourself but spend some time beforehand getting ready. 1. It will make you feel good. 2. It will put you in the first date mindset. Let your personality and style shine through.

#4 Find the right location.

Go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other. Planning to go to the movies? Maybe go to dinner beforehand to get the conversation flowing before you are confined to silence for 2 hours. Remember to meet in a public place (for easing of awkwardness, but most importantly, safety).

Jake Hills (@jakehills)

#5 Prepare some interesting conversation starters.

Feeling anxious about what to talk about? A top first date tip is to spend some time before thinking of conversation starters. Here are a couple of suggestions: hobbies, favourite movies and travelling. These may seem straightforward, but they will get the conversation flowing.

#6 Be a listener, not just a speaker.

Make sure the conversation is flowing both ways and there is not just one of you doing all the talking. Or vice versa.

William Fortunato

#7 Be open and honest with your date.

Be open to communicating your thoughts and feelings. Whether it’s about the first date, or something completely different, put it all out on the table.

#8 Be present in the moment.

We all have that bad habit of going to check our mobile phones in awkward silences and conversations. But try to be present at the moment. Scrolling through stories can wait.

cottonbro (@cottonbro)

#9 Uphold your own personal boundaries.

While having fun and being outgoing might be at the top of your priority list for a first date, remember to be safe and comfortable. Put yourself first and remember your boundaries.

#10 Have fun!

Last but certainly not least is arguably the most important first date tip of all. Have fun and enjoy yourself. If the first date never turns into anything more, at least you will have something to remember. There are plenty more opportunities out there. Make the most of the experience, whatever the outcome.

Josh Hild (@joshhild)

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