Specific Seasons

Specific seasons come with specific dating. Thinking that anything is the same all year round is an outdated idea, because nowadays, seasonal is the way forward. And in the dating world, it is not different. Here's some specific dating tips and tricks on the specific seasons! For us at Luxy, it is important to stay up to date with current events, news, the changing of the seasons, etc. And boy do we love switching between different seasons! In many ways, we are just like you - we know you like going onto the next season on Netlfix, just like us! See, there's no questions asked. Seasonal food, seasonal fashion, seasonal trends. It's all there. It's all about love. Coincidentally, we LOVE love too, that's why we provide our Luxy services to YOU, our treasured member. Is Valentine's Day coming up? The season of love and you still don't have a boo? I mean, not that you NEED one, but if you want one, you can find all that information on how to get a valentine's date, what to get your date, some Valentine's day date ideas.... We have it all for you, because we appreciate how difficult this time is. However, it is no good here when you don't read it! Is Christmas coming up? Another wave of seasonal advice, tips and tricks is coming your way! Keep up-to-date throughout this jolly season in order to jingle rock the dating scene. Even Santa does it! New Years' celebrations in full swing, yet at midnight you stand there by yourself? Not with Luxy! Because we are nice, we offer up all the advice you need which is guaranteed to get you a midnight kiss in no-time! Just click this way to read all about it, and find out what it is that you're not doing, that you need to do! Be it summer or winter, dating is simple!  

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