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This Superhero is America’s millionaires favorite Avenger

Captain America, Thor or Iron Man? Everyone has their favorite when it comes to this badass team. Would you make the same choice like Dating App Luxy’s millionaires?

This weekend Avengers: Endgame will hit the theaters all over the world. Can you believe it’s already the 22nd movie entering the Marvel Universe? It all began in 2008 with the first Iron Man and since then we can’t get enough of them.

So do our Luxy members. In honor of the launch of the Avenger’s newest sequel, Luxy asked its millionaire users what character is their absolute favorite:

Number 3: Thor

Actually, he just came to earth to take back his brother Loki, Stark and Captain America persuaded him that his powers are more needed down here. With his hammer he’s unstoppable – probably it helps, too, that he is a god. 26% voted him.

Number 2: Captain America

The Super-Soldier-Serum gave Steve Rogers superpowers to fight for his and the US ideals. 29% of our Luxyers think that his patriotism deserves their votes.

Number 1: Iron Man

Genius – Playboy – Philanthropist. Tony Stark is the Engineer of Engineers. A self-made superhero. He is the reason why he has powers. ‘If you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it in the first place’ (Stark, in Spiderman: Homecoming). That says all. Plus, he is a Billionaire. 38% of our Luxy members think that is what it takes to be the number 1.

Total poll results, filtered among interesting groups. Total participants: 863

On April 28 is the annul Superhero day, not only we should enjoy the next Avenger’s movie, it also gives us the chance to honor our real-life superheroes: Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, soldiers and any other exceptional person saving and protecting others. Your actions and sacrifice are inspiring and Luxy dedicates this weekend to you.

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