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Should a man always have to pay on a first date?

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The topics section of the Luxy App is always a very interesting and thought – provoking feature. Only today I was exploring the App, when I came across the following question:

Should a millionaire man always have to pay on a first date?

Yes or No?

This may be viewed as a very controversial topic in today’s world, as we are becoming more western and working toward moving ahead with gender equality. Therefore, should it really be acceptable to expect the man to pay for the first date. If so, why?

Traditionally, it is common to view the male as the breadwinner, the partner who mainly supports the household and brings in a steady income, therefore it is expected for them to pay for the dinner that they both have initially. This gesture can signify that the partner is able to support their partner and is financially stable.

A ‘LearnVest poll’ from millionaire dating app Luxy supports in favour of men paying initially, whereby it was found that 63% of women expect the guy to pay. Furthermore, researchers at ‘Chapman University’ recently surveyed more than 17,000 people on the topic of first-date bills and found that 39% of women who offered to pay secretly hoped the men would not let them. In addition, 44% of women said they were annoyed when expected to help pay the bill.

Whilst there is a great proportion of women who believe that men should always pay for the first date as it is courteous, admirable and gentle-man like quality, this view could be deemed to be dying out as time progresses in today’s society.

When we consider today’s world, women can be perceived as becoming a lot more independent and financially stable, as they are now more career minded and ambitious, setting their own goals and standards of what they want. Whereas, back in the day, men routinely paid for dates as women did not have the finances to do so. However, nowadays, if the man offers to pay, it most likely he is committing to this action as he it feels instinctively appropriate in the moment.

With this new change, women are able to voice their opinions and in some cases, may want to prove to their partner, they are equal and able to afford their keep. For this reasoning, they may not want the man to pay for their first date.

We can summarise this topic into some key points:

As a millionaire man, you should not be upset if the lady does not offer to split the bill. If you have offered to take her out, you should expect to pay for the whole thing.

As a lady, you cannot get mad if he accepts your offer on splitting the bill, as he has done nothing wrong, this is now considered as socially acceptable.

It is not a game or test, unless you treat it like one!