Luxy Official Statement regarding Ms. Ades

Luxy is an upscale community who serve the dating needs for outstanding and wealthy people.

Luxy is the Dating Platform, where Ades came in contact with the business man she sent more than 100,000 texts to.

 She was an active user on Luxy in early 2017. No suspicious behavior (sending thousands of texts, being reported by other users) was detected on her account during the time she was our user.

And the business man from Arizona never contacted Luxy himself or via representatives.

Authorities and people representing Ades’ defense got in contact with us in 2018 when she was arrested.

Luxy is and always has been the most secure dating platform there is. These are the security mechanisms we established and perfected over the years:

  • Review and Vouch process before joining: Before a person gets accepted on Luxy, he/ she needs to pass a 24h ‘Vouch’ phase during which selected existing members decide if they want them to join. Additionally, we established last year a review team, checking every new application and giving the final ok before someone is allowed to join.
  • Picture Verification: We encourage our users to verify their profile pictures as soon as possible. So, we can be sure the person behind the profile is really the one in the pictures. We practically eliminated Catfishing!
  • Users can report other profiles easily and anonymous to us if they have a bad feeling. Together with the provided proof, we can block a profile on Luy within minutes for having 24/ customer service.
  • Our system works with Blockchain technology, making it extra secure and we have multiple steps what prevent undesired people from joining Luxy

I’d like to quote our founder Tim T. who just told me that ‘The best online security system is powerless since it cannot read people’s true intentions.’

If you are seeking any other comment on the case of Ms. Ades, or are interested to learn more about Luxy, feel free to contact us at

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